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Imaging Applications

For 30 years, Uniforce Sales and Engineering has worked on countless imaging applications.  Below is a table displaying a few imaging applications that may interest you.

Each application slide gives you insight to the general design of each unique solution. We hope to give you an idea on how image acquisition, processing, and recording can solve your specific problem.

If you should have an imaging requirement or idea, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

3D Biospsy of Internal OrgansPDF
Agriculture - Crop HealthPDF
Agriculture - Intelligent Crop MaintenancePDF
Agriculture - Multispectral Inspection SystemPDF
Aquaculture - Salmon Farm InspectionPDF
Audio Track RestorationPDF
Broadcast/ Cinema - Action Scene EntertainmentPDF
Broadcast/ Cinema - Extreme Sports MotocrossPDF
Broadcast/ Cinema - Point of View PDF
Broadcast/ Cinema - Extreme Sports RodeoPDF
Biological Culture GrowthPDF
Bomb Robot - IED Disposal or DisarmamentPDF
Bulletproof Vest - Material Durability AnalysisPDF
Bus Inspection - Public TransportationPDF
Clothing - Wicking Properties of FabricPDF
Diaper InspectionPDF
Electrical InspectionPDF
Food and Beverage - Bottle InspectionPDF
Food and Beverage - Dog Food InspectionPDF
Food and Beverage - Tortilla InspectionPDF
Food and Beverage - TV Dinner InspectionPDF
Hazardous Materials InspectionPDF
Home Inspection - Leaks and InsulationPDF
Industrial Manufacturing - Helico WeldingPDF
Industrial Manufacturing - Pipeline
Industrial Manufacturing - Steel and Aluminum PDF
Integral Structure Inspection - Dikes, Dams, Reservoirs PDF
Laser PeeningPDF
Liquid Level Detection and Non-Destructive AnalysisPDF
Livestock TrackingPDF
Medical - Hematology PDF
Metal Casting - Crucible DegradationPDF
Mining - Drill Site ObservationPDF
Money Printing and InspectionPDF
OCR - Etched Metal Plate ReadingPDF
OCR - TransportationPDF
Paved Surface Analysis -Airport Runway Crack PropagationPDF
Paved Surface Analysis - Highway Crack DetectionPDF
Pharmaceutical - Pill Inspection PDF
Pharmaceutical - Pill Package InspectionPDF
PCB InspectionPDF
Persistent Surveillance - Flight VisibilityPDF
Power Line InspectionPDF
Recycling - Metals IdentificationPDF
Remote Wood CuttingPDF
Science and Research - Animal BehaviorPDF
Science and Research - Deep Sea Marine LifePDF
Science and Research - Fish CountingPDF
Science and Research - High Speed Particle Image VelocimetryPDF
Science and Research - Magnetic Properties and Light DifferentiationsPDF
Science and Research - Rock AbrasionPDF
Science and Research - Vegetation MappingPDF
Security and Law Enforcement - Drug Crop DetectionPDF
Security and Law Enforcement - Night Color VisionPDF
Situational Awareness - AircraftPDF
Situational Awareness - Traffic PDF
Surface Inspection - TilesPDF
Solar Panel InspectionPDF
Tire Thread AnalysisPDF
Transportation - Animal Transport In-Flight MonitoringPDF
Valet Damage Detection SystemPDF
Veterinary Medicine - Location and Detection of InfectionPDF
Virtual RealityPDF
Weapons Testing - Missile Detonation ObservationPDF

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