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Featured Product: High Speed Cameras

Ultra HD and over 1,000fps

X-Stream Series

Record to Disk with PCIe

720p and 1440p at 1,700 fps



The IDT X-Stream Cameras offer continuous frame streaming via the PCI Express® 2.0 x4 interface with a sustained transfer speed of 1.75 GB/sec.

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NX Series

Compact Camera Design

Up to 4,000 fps



NX cameras are 3D-ready with the addition of a second camera; a short interoptical distance enables stereoscopic effects at closer distance. NX cameras feature a simplified rear panel with a single 16-Pin LEMO cable.

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Os Series

Operate in Harsh Environments

Up to 7,000 fps


The Os-series is a new digital high-speed camera designed to operate in the most demanding environments.

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40 Gbps fiber optic interface

25 Gbps CoaXPress

High-speed yet low-cost cameras with a large choice of sensors, modular options, built-in lens control and integrated image processing, Fiber or CoaXPress interfaces, supporting data rate of up to 40Gbps in real-time acquisition.

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