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PixeLINK Auto Focus USB 3.0

Auto Focus Liquid Lenses from PixeLINK




PixeLINK® is the world’s first industrial camera manufacturer to include an electronic, focus-controllable liquid lens in its cameras. Enabling auto focus with no moving parts, our newest USB 3.0 camera models offer low power consumption, high shock resistance, and fast focus change.

Long Lifespan, Fast Focusautofocuslens-pixelink

While the typical lifespan of a mechanical lens system is a few hundred thousand cycles, liquid lenses have been tested over 100 million cycles without performance degradation.
Liquid lenses can also reconfigure themselves in tens of milliseconds, making them ideal for high vibration environments and applications that require fast focus changes.

VariopticDiagramWeb2Focus-Controllable C-Mount Lens

These USB3 machine vision cameras now incorporate the Caspian C-39N0-16 electronic, focus-controllable C-mount lens.
Leveraging Varioptic electrowetting liquid lens technology, the cameras deliver fast, noiseless, controllable auto focus from 10 cm to infinity.

The Varioptic lens offers application-controlled and user programmable-controlled auto focus capabilities in board-level and enclosed PixeLINK cameras.

Auto Focus Lens Applications

PCB inspectionBiometricsMedicalParcel processing – inspection of bar codesDistributor

PCB Inspection


As PCBs become smaller, more complex, there is a growing need for auto focus.  Evaluation of component placement prior to reflow.  Bare board and solder paste inspection.  Checking for open or short circuits.



Biometric applications require the ability to quickly autofocus on the target feature. A growing number of airports are adding kiosks that perform facial recognition and compare it to a biometric passport



Imaging of live cells, tissues and organisms benefits from autofocus by quickly being able to focus on specimens entering the field of view. Autofocus can compensate for thermal drift or uneven culture dishes.

Parcel processing – inspection of bar codes


Required at most post offices and shipping companies for data collection and sorting. Bar codes can be located on multiple sides of the package. Packages can be of varying sizes. This implies the need for autofocus technology.

PixeLINK Distributor

Uniforce Sales and Engineering is an authorized distributor of PixeLINK products.

PixeLINK Industrial Cameras

ModelMPSensorLens FormatColor SpaceSensor Type
PL-D7715CU-BL-AF1615Aptina (MT9F002)1/2.2"ColorCMOS
PL-D7715CU-AF1615Aptina (MT9F002)1/2.2"ColorCMOS
PL-D7715CU-AF2515Aptina (MT9F002)1/2.2"ColorCMOS
PL-D7715CU-AF15Aptina (MT9F002)1/2.2"ColorCMOS
PL-D7715CU-BL-AF15Aptina (MT9F002)1/2.2"ColorCMOS
PL-D7715CU-BL-AF2515Aptina (MT9F002)1/2.2"ColorCMOS
PL-D729MU-BL-AF9.5On Semi (Vita 9000)2/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D729MU-BL-AF259.5On Semi (Vita 9000)2/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D729MU-BL-AF169.5On Semi (Vita 9000)2/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D729MU-AF9.5On Semi (Vita 9000)2/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D729MU-AF259.5On Semi (Vita 9000)2/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D729MU-AF169.5On Semi (Vita 9000)2/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D755MU-AF165.01Sony IMX2502/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D755CU-BL-AF5.01Sony IMX2502/3"ColorCMOS
PL-D755CU-BL-AF165.01Sony IMX2502/3"ColorCMOS
PL-D755CU-AF5.01Sony IMX2502/3"ColorCMOS
PL-D755CU-AF255.01Sony IMX2502/3"ColorCMOS
PL-D755CU-AF165.01Sony IMX2502/3"ColorCMOS
PL-D755CU-BL-AF255.01Sony IMX2502/3"ColorCMOS
PL-D755MU-AF255.01Sony IMX2502/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D755MU-AF5.01Sony IMX2502/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D755MU-BL-AF165.01Sony IMX2502/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D755MU-BL-AF255.01Sony IMX2502/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D755MU-BL-AF5.01Sony IMX2502/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D775MU-AF5Aptina (MT9P031)1/2.5"MonoCMOS
PL-D775MU-BL-AF165Aptina (MT9P031)1/2.5"MonoCMOS
PL-D775MU-BL-AF255Aptina (MT9P031)1/2.5"MonoCMOS
PL-D775MU-BL-AF5Aptina (MT9P031)1/2.5"MonoCMOS
PL-D775CU-AF165Aptina (MT9P031)1/2.5"ColorCMOS
PL-D775CU-AF255Aptina (MT9P031)1/2.5"ColorCMOS
PL-D775CU-AF5Aptina (MT9P031)1/2.5"ColorCMOS
PL-D775CU-BL-AF165Aptina (MT9P031)1/2.5"ColorCMOS
PL-D775CU-BL-AF255Aptina (MT9P031)1/2.5"ColorCMOS
PL-D775CU-BL-AF5Aptina (MT9P031)1/2.5"ColorCMOS
PL-D775MU-AF165Aptina (MT9P031)1/2.5"MonoCMOS
PL-D775MU-AF255Aptina (MT9P031)1/2.5"MonoCMOS
PL-D722CU-AF2.3On Semi (Vita 2000)2/3"ColorCMOS
PL-D722CU-BL-AF162.3On Semi (Vita 2000)2/3"ColorCMOS
PL-D722MU-BL-AF252.3On Semi (Vita 2000)2/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D722CU-AF162.3On Semi (Vita 2000)2/3"ColorCMOS
PL-D722MU-BL-AF162.3On Semi (Vita 2000)2/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D722CU-AF252.3On Semi (Vita 2000)2/3"ColorCMOS
PL-D722CU-BL-AF252.3On Semi (Vita 2000)2/3"ColorCMOS
PL-D722CU-BL-AF2.3On Semi (Vita 2000)2/3"ColorCMOS
PL-D722MU-AF162.3On Semi (Vita 2000)2/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D722MU-AF252.3On Semi (Vita 2000)2/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D722MU-AF2.3On Semi (Vita 2000)2/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D722MU-BL-AF2.3On Semi (Vita 2000)2/3"MonoCMOS
PL-D721CU-BL-AF1.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"ColorCMOS
PL-D721MU-AF251.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"MonoCMOS
PL-D721MU-AF1.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"MonoCMOS
PL-D721MU-BL-AF161.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"MonoCMOS
PL-D721MU-BL-AF251.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"MonoCMOS
PL-D721MU-BL-AF1.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"MonoCMOS
PL-D721CU-AF251.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"ColorCMOS
PL-D721MU-AF161.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"MonoCMOS
PL-D721CU-BL-AF251.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"ColorCMOS
PL-D721CU-BL-AF161.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"ColorCMOS
PL-D721CU-AF1.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"ColorCMOS
PL-D721CU-AF161.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"ColorCMOS

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