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Recorders & Imaging Computers

Uniforce offers a wide selection of high resolution, professional
imaging DVR products from IO Industries, Matrox, Convergent Design, and ITS (Instrumentation Technology Systems).


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VIP System  Download, Record, and Stream all in one system.   The VIP is a general purpose, high powered, ruggedized imaging platform featuring a redundant operating system (ROS).  Capable of video Capture, Record, and Stream/Broadcast for a wide variety of video formats.  It is an ideal system for both flexibility and expandability.



DVR EXPRESS CORE series is available from IO Industries




Monitor Recorder  ODYSSEYQ 7 + Series


Imaging Computers


A unique combination of embedded PC technology, compact size and ruggedness make Matrox Imaging’s industrial computers the ideal solution for cost-sensitive image analysis, machine vision, medical imaging and video surveillance applications. Uniforce also offers a high-performance computing (HPC) platform from Matrox designed for computationally-demanding industrial imaging applications.

  • Matrox 4Sight GPm Imaging Computer
  • Matrox 4Sight GP Imaging Computer
  • Matrox Supersight Solo HPC (High Performance Computer)
  • Matrox Supersight HPC (High Performance Computer)



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