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10 GigE Applications

Real-life Applications of EVT 10GigE Cameras



Applications using industrial digital imaging cameras are changing rapidly.  While there are many types of projects cameras can be used in these are the ones we see most often with our cameras.

  • Sports Broadcasting and Goal Line Technology10Gige_logo
  • Inspection & Automation
  • ITS / Traffic Applications
  • 3D Mapping and Aerial Photography
  • Research and Development
  • Virtual Reality

Emergent Vision enables the development and deployment of top-notch imaging systems with our industrial grade digital cameras. Thanks to latest image sensor advances and our video interface technology based on 10GigE, our products provide high-speed, high-resolution video capture and make the system integration as simple as can be – at an unprecedented price point.

In this section you can learn more about these real-life applications, which have been solved by EVT cameras.

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SportsInspection & AutomationITS/Traffic3D MappingResearch & DevelopmentVR

Sports Technology Applications


The proverbial Photo-Finish of all kinds in professional sports is likely the most classic imaging application a camera could be used in.  The availability of high speed cameras opens the door to other imaging needs during sporting events including:

  • Broadcastbaseball-3d
  • Goal Line Technology
  • Instant Replays
  • Digital Umpires / Referee
  • Swing/Throw Simulation

Meet us at the finish line with the fastest cameras on the market.

Use of latest high tech Vision technology in Sports fields, Racing tracks and any Sporting event that requires high speed image capturing

Detailed motion analysis requires high-speed capture. When it comes to 3D, multiple well synchronized cameras need to deliver images of the moving body or object with the utmost accuracy.  Emergent Vision cameras were made to meet these requirements.

Capture large playing fields with at least 30 frames per second with our 20MP camera has never been so easy and cost-efficient as it is with our products.

30 FPS




Inspection & Automation Applications

Enhancing, Enabling, Cost-cutting


Thanks to the high performance and low costs of our cameras new applications are now technically feasible and economically attractive. Some example applications include:

  • semiconductor wafers inspection
  • solar panels inspection
  • LCD/display panels inspection

System engineers and imaging professionals are continuously solving new industrial imaging applications with our Machine Vision cameras based on 10GigE.

The classic Machine Vision application using our high speed, high definition cameras offers great potential to achieve higher productivity, quality, safety and profitability of manufacturing lines. Vision guided robots have the capablity to pick complex parts and assemble them with highest precision and speed in 24/7 operation.

Optical 2D and 3D quality inspection systems analyze the surface and shape of semifinished and finished products, wear and tear on parts, contact-free and at high speed. Decrease human error with autonomous vehicles or large handling robots by ceiling-mounted surveillance cameras and automatic image processing systems.

30 FPS



ITS/Traffic Applications

Optical Inspection of Wear Parts

Emergent Vision cameras have been successfully implemented to ensure the safety of railway vehicles and to reduce costs by targeted maintenance. With 2D and 3D measurement techniques tires made of steel or rubber can be inspected, recording their thickness, small defects, and tread patterns, while the vehicle passes by thanks to the cameras high speed recording capabilities.


Equally, thousands of miles of railway tracks need regular inspection for defects, loose or missing screws, and clearance to surrounding vegetation. A faster and the more detailed in inspection system is capable of recording the relevant views from a rail car. This lowers the required time and makes the rails safe.

Outdoors – a Special Challenge for every Camera


From highway monitoring to tolling and law enforcement, from the inspection of tires to railway track analysis Machine Vision has a lot to offer to these applications and so do our cameras.

Almost every imaging application related to Transportation and Traffic is outdoors. With especially tough conditions from darkness to bright sun light with strong shadows, our cameras offer low noise image signals even under low light conditions, high dynamic range for scenes with bright sunlight and shadows simultaneously, as well as smear-free captures of even fast moving objects.

In the surveillance of large areas, like a section of a highway, it is important to adapt the lens to environmental conditions and to the current area of interest. Therefore, all our cameras can be equipped with a lens mount adapter to control the focus and iris control through our software API using the Birger lens mount.

Besides the lighting conditions, outdoor applications are typically characterized by multiple remotely installed cameras and a central unit for processing and storage of the data. Our HS series with 10GigE video output can stream high-resolution images of up to 20 megapixels with 32 frames per second over optical fiber lines of up to 10 km length. The networked video capabilities of 10GigE allow for the simultaneous processing, storage and display of multiple camera streams distributed simply via ubiquitous state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

30 FPS



3D Mapping Applications


3D mapping is a technology that creates three-dimensional views of objects on computer screens. Often used to provide a life-like view of a place or thing on a map, 3D Mapping proves to be an excellent application for our high resolution 12MP and 20MP Cameras.

Over the last decade the use of vision systems has become increasingly popular in professional sports with numerous use cases such as broadcast enhancements and replay technology. These technologies are at the forefront of enhancing the fan experience. However, behind the scenes is where a lot of the real imaging work is done. Over the past several years KinaTrax (Miami, FL – www.kinatrax.com) has been developing a new markerless motion capture technology designed to provide MLB teams with in game player motion data that is used off line to analyze and assess a player’s detailed biomechanical characteristics. Kintrax enlisted the services of SystematicVision (Ashland, MA – www.systematicvision.com) to architect the hardware system and ensure compatibility with their proprietary software as well as provide consulting services for site surveys and system installation, calibration and testing. High resolution, high frame rate, cable runs of up to 300 meters and multi-camera sub-frame synchronization rounded out the list of camera requirements. Emergent Vision Technologies (Coquitlam, BC, Canada –  was selected as the camera vendor of choice due to their core expertise in and development of high speed, high resolution 10GigE fiber-based cameras. KinaTrax markerless motion capture solutions are currently in the early stages of adoption with Major League Baseball teams.

High resolution sensors combined with a high bandwidth camera interface 10 Gigabit Ethernet allow for the effective surveillance of large areas like sport stadiums, boarders or agricultural areas.

30 FPS



Research & Development Applications


The 10GigE data transmission, being the modern cross-industry standard for IT infrastructures, allows the fast and simple setup of high-speed video installations without the need for special imaging know-how so that you can focus on your subject of expertise in research and development.

High-speed imaging enables the analysis of many biological, chemical and physical processes. Video recordings offer high spacial and temporal resolution of all types of motions to allow a better understanding of the musculoskeletal system of humans and animals.

Engineers of buildings, cars, air crafts, ships and other equipment appreciate the deep insights they obtain from ultra fast recordings of the fluid mechanics such as wind tunnels and flow channels. The industrial Machine Vision cameras from Emergent Vision are capable to deliver several thousand frames per second of special regions of interest, which make them the ideal solution for these type of applications.

30 FPS



Virtual Reality Applications

Vistual Glasses and Abstract Background

EVT cameras have been used for various cutting edge applications and Virtual Reality is no exception. Whether you are looking for a low resolution high speed camera or a 4K resolution camera to capture that moment that deserves to be relived over and over in a virtual reality environment, EVT has a solution to fit your needs.

Our HR line touts the ability to use fiber for long cable lengths up to 10KM and the ability for the cameras to sync’d to sub 1 microsecond. Our HT line can be used for the application that appreciates the RJ45 connection familiar with GigE Cameras, and can run affordable CAT6A cable up to 100M. Our 10GigE Camera options increases both the quality and efficiency of any Virtual Reality production. Some features include:

  • High Speed Capture of 338fps from our 2MP and 179fps for our 4MP Cameras
  • 4K Resolution with our 12MP and 20MP Cameras
  • Synchronization of sub 1 microsecond

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