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PIXCI® IMAGING POWER The XCLIB Library empowers C/C++ and Windows, DOS, and Linux programmers to control the PIXCI® series of imaging boards. XCLIB supports all versions and options of the PIXCI® imaging boards: 1 The PIXCI® D†, D24†, D32†, D2X, and D3X for digital output area-scan and line-scan … more »

EPIX Software

EPIX software solutions are ready-to-run application programs designed and supported by EPIX, Inc. to support the PIXCI® series imaging boards. EPIX Software Products Product Family/ Series Product Name Datasheet Image Analysis Software XCAP PDF Imaging Processing and Analysis Library XCLIB … more »


The PXIPL Library empowers C/C++ and Windows programmers to process and analyze images in conjunction with: The PIXCI® imaging boards and XCLIB Library, The EPIX® SILICON VIDEO® cameras, their PIXCI® imaging board, and XCLIB Library, The 4MEG VIDEO™ imaging boards and 4MOBJ Library, or The SILICON … more »


Uniforce offers high resolution imaging solutions with a selection of software products. Matrox Design Assistant (DA) Products:  DA4WINPU, DAMAINT, DA TRAIN Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) Products:  MIL 10 WIN P U, MIL 10 WIN P P, MIL 10 LNX, MIL 10 WINCE6, MIL LITE 10 WIN, MIL LITE 10 LNX, MIL MAINTENANCE, … more »

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