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Allied Vision Stingray Cameras

750 px Stingray AVT Camera

The Stingray offers a particularly wide range of functions and image optimization options – for example, shading correction and low-noise binning mode. Thanks to its modular and flexible design, it is a particularly versatile high-performance camera for a wide range of applications. It is also available in board level and compact versions. Extreme distances can be bridged with the optional optical fiber interface.

Stingray Models




Color Type



Sensor Size

Max. Frame Rate


F-033 IEEE 1394b 656 x 492 Mono or Color 0.3 MP C 1/2 Type 84 fps PDF
F-046 IEEE1394b 780 x 580 Mono or Color 0.5 MP C 1/2 Type 61 fps PDF
F-080 IEEE1394b 1032 X 776 Mono or Color 0.8 mp C 1/3 Type 31 fps PDF
F-125 IEEE1394b 1292 x 964 Mono or Color 1.2 MP C 1/3 Type 31 fps PDF
F-145 IEEE1394b 1388 x 1038 Mono or Color 1.4 MP C 2/3 Type 16 fps PDF
F-146 IEEE1394b 1388 x 1038 Mono or Color 1.4 MP C 1/2 MP 16 fps PDF
F-201 IEEE1394b 1624 (H) × 1234 (V) Mono or Color 2.0 MP C 1/1.8 14 fps PDF
F-504 IEEE1394b 2452 x 2056 Mono or Color 5.0 MP C 2/3 9 fpa PDF

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