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AZURE 4/3″ Format Lenses

5 Megapixel

  • High resolution, suitable for 4/3″ Format CCD Camera
  • High contrast, plenty of light distribution
  • Lowest distortion
Part Number Resolution Iris Type Mount Sensor Size Format Focal Length (mm) Datasheet
AZURE-1224MX5M 100LP/MM(5mp) Manual Iris C 4/3″ 12 PDF
AZURE-1620MX5M 150lp/mm (5MP) Manual Iris C 4/3″  16 PDF
AZURE-2520MX5M 150lp/mm (5MP) Manual Iris C 4/3″ 25 PDF
AZURE-3520MX5M 150lp/mm (5MP) Manual Iris C 4/3″ 35 PDF

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