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Advanced features,
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The Calibir™ uncooled long wave infrared (LWIR) camera platform offers outstanding shutterless imaging performance and great flexibility in a very compact package. With a frontal form factor of 29mm x 29mm the camera can be integrated in tight spaces for compact solutions. The microbolometer-based platform covers wavelengths from 8-14 µm and supports a variety of camera interfaces, lenses and state of the art on-board processing features that serve a wide range of today’s uncooled imaging applications with an architecture that offers more capabilities and possibilities for the future.

Calibir Model Comparison

3D Model (STEP)
Resolution Camera NETD Model Frame Rate Data Interface/Connector M25 Lens Mount M34 Lens Mount
640 x 480 <70 mK
(high gain mode)<100 mk
(low gain mode)
640 Core 30 fps,
50 fps
Digital / 60-pin header
RGMII/(BT656/CPI1/ CSI-22)
640 GigE 30 fps,
50 fps
calibir-thumb-gige GigE / RJ45
640 AB 30 fps calibir-thumb-bnc Analog / BNC
640 AS 30 fps calibir-thumb-samtec10 Analog / 10-pin header
† Contact UNIFORCE for availability
1. Camera Parallel Interface (CPI)
2. Camera Serial Interface V2

Watch the Calibir

Visible and IR Video Sample

In these clips, LWIR reveals the difference between hot and cold liquids poured on the ground; it also shows the heat signatures of a motorcycle’s engine and tire.

Calibir Features

ShutterlessAdaptive & FlexibleDownloadsLens OptionsExport ControlsOrder Calibir Core

Shutterless Operationshutterless operation

The Calibir camera requires no mechanical shutter for calibration, meaning instant image output and no interruption for recalibration. The image output of the Calibir camera remains stable across time and temperature range, freeing your application from the inconvenience, size, and additional complexity of failure prone mechanical shutters.


Adaptive Contrast Enhancement

adaptive contrast

The Calibir 640 series features advanced image processing algorithms that adapt to the image content, optimizing contrast to show the finest details regardless of conditions or intra-scene variations. With no manual intervention required, the Calibir 640 series delivers high quality images reliably, wherever and whenever you deploy it.

Flexible Output Options

The Calibir 640 series supports analog and digital output formats. Analog camera models support BNC or a straight 10-pin connector; digital camera models support GigE Vision output using RJ-45. The Calibir 640 core supports RGMII for digital output using a 60-pin connector and is also capable of supporting CPI (Camera Parallel Interface), BT656 and CSI-2 (Camera Serial Interface Ver. 2) formats*


Wide Range of Lens OptionsCalibir lens 2

The Calibir 640 series supports 11 different lenses, ranging from 7.5 to 100 mm focal length. Any of the Calibir series products are supplied with lens of choice and fully calibrated over an operational range of -40 to 60 °C ambient temperature.

Supported Lenses

HFOV (deg) 90 73.2 42.5 36 24.2 16.9 12.4 10.3 9.6 8.2 6.2
Focal Length (mm) 7.5 8.52 14.2 16.8 25 35 50 60.1 65 75 100
F-number (F/x) 1.4 1.24 1.24 1.24 1.2 1.1 1.2 1.25 1.2 1.1 1.5
Lens Mount M34 M25 M25 M25 M25 M25 M34 M34 M34 M34 M34
3D Model (STEP)
Lens Mass 45 g 34 g 25 g 23.6 g 40 g 45.9 g 238 g 218 g 490 g 274 g 369 g
Lens ID A2 B1 R1 D1 F1 H1 I2 J2 K2 L2 N2

Export Controlscalibir quarter

The Calibir 640 Series Camera is currently classified as a “Dual Use” item under Group 1 (1-6.A.3.B.4.B) of the Canada Export Control List and Category 6 (6.A.3.B.4) under the Wassennaar Arrangement on Export Control for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies. As such, the Camera is subject to export control – export authorization is required to export the Camera from Canada, whether on a permanent or temporary basis.


Calibir 640 Core Camera Models

Model   Part Number Lens Opt Lens Weight Description Interface
Calibir 640 Core IRACUV0-A200032 7.5mm 45g IRCaliUV30M34, O7.5mm F1.4H90⁰ Digital
Calibir 640 Core IRACUV0-B100032 8.52mm 34g IRCaliUV30M25, U8.52mm F1.24H73.2⁰ Digital
Calibir 640 Core IRACUV0-R100032 14.2mm 25g IRCaliUV30M25, U14.2mm F1.24H42.1⁰ Digital
Calibir 640 Core IRACUV0-D100032 16.8mm 23.6g IRCaliUV30M25, U16.8mm F1.24H36⁰ Digital
Calibir 640 Core IRACUV0-F100032 25mm 40g IRCaliUV30M25, U25mm F1.2H24.2⁰ Digital
Calibir 640 Core IRACUV0-H100032 35mm 45.9g IRCaliUV30M25, U35mm F1.14H16.9⁰ Digital
Calibir 640 Core IRACUV0-I200032 50mm 238g IRCaliUV30M34, O50mm F1.2H12.4⁰ Digital
Calibir 640 Core IRACUV0-J200032 60.1mm 218g IRCaliUV30M34, U60.1mm F1.25H10.3⁰ Digital
Calibir 640 Core IRACUV0-K200032 65mm 490g IRCaliUV30M34, O65mm F1.2H9.6⁰ Digital
Calibir 640 Core IRACUV0-L200032 75mm 274g IRCaliUV30M34, U75mm F1.13H8.2⁰ Digital
Calibir 640 Core IRACUV0-N200032 100mm 369g IRCaliUV30M34, U100mm F1.5H6.2⁰ Digital

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