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Dalsa Piranha4 P4-CM-04K10D

Teledyne DALSA Camera

Product Family

Piranha 4

Part Number


Camera Type


Sensor Type


Sensor Size



M58 x 0.75




Camera Link



Frame Rate

>50 KHz

Max Frame Rate

Max. Line Rate 200 kHz

Salient Features

Piranha4 4k, 100/200 kHz

High Speed and High Responsivity

Based on Teledyne DALSA’s unique line scan CMOS sensor architecture, the new Piranha4 dual line scan cameras deliver the highest line rates in the industry with outstanding signal-to-noise. The P4-4k has 4k resolution with a 10.56 μm x 10.56 μm pixel size. The camera delivers a max line rate of 100 kHz inTDI mode, or up to 200 kHz in area mode. The camera delivers a throughput of 820 MPix/s using the Camera Link™, and advanced chipsets allow cable lengths of ~30 meters and beyond. The GenICam™ compliant interface makes the camera easier to set up, control, and integrate.

The Piranha4 backs up its incredible speed with a wide range of advanced features. It offers shading correction and flat field correction, and its HDR mode captures high gain and low gain views simultaneously, allowing you to combine them in postprocessing. Programmability includes exposure control, independent gain settings, as well a multiple areas of interest (up to 4 simultaneous) which allow you to focus on specific areas of an image and ignore the rest, reducing processing bandwidth and even simplifying cabling.

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Feature Highlights

  • Line rates up to 100 kHz in TDI mode, 200 kHz in area mode
  • Dual line CMOS sensor architecture for 2x responsivity
  • 4k resolution, 10.56 µm pixels
  • 100% fill factor
  • Multiple areas of interest
  • Dual exposures for HDR imaging
  • Vertical and horizontal binning 1x, 2x
  • Low pass shading and lens correction, flat field correction
  • In-camera diagnostics and test patterns
  • 0-65°C operating temperature
  • Camera Link interface supporting cables to 15 meters and beyond
  • GenICam compliant


  • Multiple Regions of Interest for calibration and data reduction
  • 8, 10, or 12 bit output
  • Flat field and lens shading correction
  • 8 programmable coefficient sets
  • GenICam or ASCII compliant interfacing


  • Automated optical inspection
  • Transportation safety and security systems
  • High performance sorting systems
  • Materials grading and inspection systems
  • Web inspection
  • General purpose machine vision

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