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AVT Goldeye CL 008 XSWIR 1.9 TEC2

Allied Vision Technology Camera

Product Family

Goldeye XSWIR Series

Part Number

CL 008 XSWIR 1.9 TEC2

Camera Type


Sensor Type

InGaAs Line

Sensor Size





320 x 256


Camera Link



Frame Rate

344 fps

Max Frame Rate

344 fps

Salient Features

Goldeye CL-008 XSWIR 1.9 TEC2 with FPA 320 × 256 | 30 µm | Extended Range InGaAs runs 344.0 frames per second at 0.1 MP resolution.

With our new Goldeye XSWIR cameras InGaAs sensors, wavelengths up to 1.9 μm or 2.2 μm can now be detected with high quantum efficiencies. An integrated dual-stage sensor cooling (TEC2) and various on-board image correction functions are your key factors to visualize specific spectral features with excellent image quality.

The Goldeye XSWIR cameras fill the gap in examining materials visible in the wavelength range above 1.7 μm. With this, you can detect now even more unique spectral footprints to better distinguish different materials by using spectrometers, dedicated filters, or special optics.


Image control: Auto

  • Auto contrast
  • Auto exposure


Image control: Other

  • Background correction
  • Binning
  • DPC (defect pixel correction)
  • LUT (look up table)
  • Multiple ROIs (regions of interest)
  • NUC (non-uniformity correction)


Interface Camera Link Base
Resolution 320 (H) × 256 (V)
Sensor FPA 320 × 256 | 30 µm | Extended Range InGaAs
Sensor type InGaAs
Sensor size No standard size
Pixel size 30 µm × 30 µm
Lens mounts (available) C-Mount
Max. frame rate at full resolution 344 fps
ADC 14 Bit
Image buffer (RAM) 256 MByte


Power Supplies for Goldeye

Part Number
AVT 13867 12VDC / 2A
AVT 13869 240 VAC -> 12 VDC/ 2A
AVT 13865 AC power cable 1

8m EU to C13 for power

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