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Dalsa Genie Nano 5G M4040

Teledyne DALSA Camera

Product Family

Genie Nano 5GigE

Part Number


Camera Type


Sensor Type


Sensor Size





12 MP


GigE Vision



Frame Rate

63 fps

Max Frame Rate

63 fps

Salient Features

Dalsa Genie Nano 5GigE Camera: 5G M4040 Monochrome, CMOS, Area Scan

Introducing the Genie Nano 5GigE,  a GigE Vision CMOS area scan camera that redefines high performance. Like all Teledyne DALSA GigE cameras, the Genie Nano-5GgE is based on AIA GigE Vision Standard to directly link the camera to a PC.

Genie Nano 5G M4040 FeaturesWEB-GigE-Vision-Logo

  • Features  Family Specifications

    Camera Type Area Scan
    Sensor Technology CMOS
    Supported Interfaces GigE Vision
    Spectrum Capability Visible (400-700 nm), Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)
    Features TurboDrive, T2IR
    Conformity CE, RoHS, FCC, GigE Vision, IP30
    Exposure Control hardware trigger, programmable via camera API, automatic
    General Purpose I/O 2 digital input, 3 digital output
    Power Requirement PoE or 10-36 VDC
    Synchronization software trigger, free-run, hardware trigger, PTP


    • Higher frame rates achievable in partial scan mode
    • Global electronic shutter with exposure Control
    • Multi-Exposure Feature
    • Multi-ROI Feature


    • Electronics manufacturing  inspection
    • Industrial metrology
    • Intelligent traffic systems
    • UAV / Aerial Imaging


    6 Great Features of Genie Nano GigE Cameras


    Break the GigE Limit

    TurboDrive is a mode of operation used to push past the gigabit Ethernet speed ceiling, allowing a GigE Vision cameras to send pixel information at a rate in excess of 125 MB/s and speeding up line and frame rates beyond the nominal link capacity. How much more speed does TurboDrive deliver? The degree of improvement is dependent on the image itself, but is often double the standard throughput.

    genie nano 5GigE

    Model Name Part Number Lens Mount Resolution Frame Rate(Burst Mode) Max Image Circle Mono/Color Pixel Size Dynamic Range
    Genie Nano 5G-M4040
    G5-GM30-M4040 Sony IMX253 4112 x 3008 63 fps 1.1″ Mono 3.45 µm 76.46 dB

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