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Dalsa Linea LA-CC-04K05B

Teledyne DALSA Camera

Product Family


Part Number


Camera Type


Sensor Type


Sensor Size

Linear CMOS


C-mount adapter available, M42 x 1




Camera Link



Frame Rate

48 kHz

Max Frame Rate

48 kHz

Salient Features

Dalsa Linea Camera:  Linea Color 4k 80 kHz CL

The new Linea™ family of line scan cameras provides the uncompromising performance and rich feature-set found in Teledyne DALSA’s high-end line scan cameras at an unprecedented price point.

Based on bilinear CMOS technology, the Linea Color camera has a 4k, 7.04 μm × 7.04 μm pixel array, and a 48 kHz maximum line rate. With excellent sensitivity and speed, Linea Color surpasses the requirements of demanding applications—such as materials grading, web inspection, and general-purpose machine vision.

The Linea Color is a compact, light weight and robust camera with many attractive features, including flat-field correction, multiple ROI, multiple user configuration sets, and calibration coefficients for various lighting conditions.

The GenICam™ compliant Linea is easy to set up and integrate using a GUI, such as Teledyne DALSA’s Sapera™ camera configuration utility CamExpert, or an ASCII interface using three-letter commands



Linea Feature HighlightsLinea_CL Group-5 crop

  • Teledyne DALSA’s high-sensitivity CMOS technology
  • High-speed 48 kHz maximum line rate
  • 4096 × 2 pixel resolution
  • Low cost and compact
  • Camera Link interface

Feature Specification
Part Number LA-CC-04K05B
Resolution 4096 x 2
Max. Line Rate 48 kHz
Pixel Size 7.04 µm
Output Format Camera Link Base, Med. or Full
Size 62 x 62 x 31 mm
Mass <190g
Responsivity 320 DN/(nJ/cm²), 12 bit, 1x gain
Linea ApplicationsWhat is T2IR?Linea ProgrammabilityCompliance

Typical Applications

  • Automated optical inspection
  • Security systems
  • High performance sorting systems
  • Materials grading and inspection systems
  • Web inspection
  • General purpose machine vision

What is T2IR

Seeing is Believing

If your machine vision system shows you something, you’d like to be able to trust it. But the reality is that a lot can go wrong in a complex imaging system. If your system is a “black box”, how can you tell if your data is complete and correct—is it “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”? If something does go wrong, can you tell what, where, and more importantly why?

Teledyne DALSA’s Trigger-to-Image Reliability framework can give you the answers. T2IR is a combination of hardware and software features that work together at a system level to help you improve the reliability of your inspection system. It controls and monitors the entire process from trigger through image capture and transfer to host memory and helps protect you from data loss.

T2IR Benefits

  • Makes system more predictable
  • Prevents many errors before they happen
  • Lets your system manage exceptions in controlled manner
  • Provides system debugging and tracing
  • Reduces downtime
  • Improves application response time
  • Increases robustness

Situations Where T2IR Helps

  • Too many objects fall in front of the camera (over triggering)
  • Need to troubleshoot a device
  • Need to verify critical imaging events such as lost frames, lines, triggers etc.
  • Need to build verification into applications as part of runtime operation
  • Want applications to be portable across devices and platforms
  • Want to tag images for traceability
  • In overload conditions, want to skip some inspections but keep track of what was skipped


  • GenICam or ASCII compliant interfacing
  • Multiple Regions of Interest for calibration and data reduction
  • 8 or 12 bit output, selectable
  • Smart flat field and lens shading correction
  • 4 programmable coefficient sets
  • Flexible signalling and synchronization

Regulatory Compliance

  • CE
  • FCC
  • RoHS

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