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Dalsa P4-CP-02K07Q-00-R

Teledyne DALSA Camera

Product Family

Piranha4 Polarization

Part Number


Camera Type


Sensor Type

CMOS quadlinear

Sensor Size



F-mount adapter available, M42 x 1




Camera Link



Frame Rate

>50 KHz

Max Frame Rate

Max. Line Rate 70 kHz

Salient Features

Piranha4 Polarization 2k, 70 kHz

The Piranha4 Polarization™ camera is a breakthrough in the machine vision industry. This high-speed polarization camera features three native polarization states plus an unfiltered channel.

The Piranha4 polarization camera extends detection capability in machine vision and is ideal for detecting stresses, surface roughness, film thickness, alloy composition, and 3D profiles.


P4-CP-02K07Q-00-R  Features

  • Industry’s first line scan polarization camera
  • Three polarization states plus an unfiltered channel
  • High speed 70 kHz max line rate
  • Small form factor
  • Sub-pixel spatial correction
  • Horizontal parallax correction
  • Multiple AOI/ROIs for output and calibration
  • Independent exposure time for each channel
  • 8, 10, or 12 bit depth selectable



  • Glass Inspection: glass bottles, architectural glass sheets, and automobile windshields, etc. – enables inspection of internal stress and defects nonvisible with conventional imaging
  • Film inspection: transparent films, packaging films, and patterned films etc. – detect scratches, digs, and other surface defects that are difficult to detect with conventional imaging
  • Precision optics: optical lens, prisms, fibers, and microoptical devices, etc. – detect residual internal stress and thermal annealing effects
  • FPD and PCB inspection: Thin film transistors, organic LEDs, printed circuit boards etc.- inspect ITO, dust particles, films thickness, and surface defects with enhanced contrast
  • Carbon fibers: effectively inspect the quality of composite materials that are widely used in aircraft, aerospace, wind energy, and automotive industry
  • Food and material sorting: Increase sorting accuracy and detecting capability of foreign materials such as plastics, glasses, metals etc. with polarization imaging
  • Biomedicine: digital pathology, in vitro cells culture, optical coherence tomography etc.-provides additional information in birefringence tissues
  • Remote sensing: helps identifying special objects from natural background
  • And many more…


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