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Emergent Vision Tech HT-50000 M

Emergent Vision Technologies Camera

Product Family

HT Series

Part Number


Camera Type


Sensor Type


Sensor Size



F, M52


50 MP





Frame Rate

10-25 fps

Max Frame Rate

23 fps

Salient Features

HT-50000 M (Part Number TBD):  Ultra-High Speed, 10GigE, SFP+, 50MP, Monochrome Camera

The brand new 50MP cameras HT50000, are setting a new standard in advanced imaging technologies for applications ranging from broadcast sports to high speed inspection.  At full resolution (7920×6004), you get 23 frames per second at full resolution.  Like all Emergent Vision cameras, the  HT-50000 series offers various triggering modes for the precise synchronization at <1µs.  This combination is ideal for any application needing to see the details at real time imaging speeds. Overall, the  HT-50000 deliver the resolution you need at unmatched speeds.


GigE Vision® and GenICam™:

All EVT cameras are in full compliance with the machine vision standards GigE Vision® and GenICam™ which ensures the interoperability with all major software libraries. Our fully owned and robust camera driver in combination with our feature rich Software Development Kit eSDK ensure the fast, easy and hassle-free software integration in Windows™ and Linux based systems


Sensor: TBA
Resolution: 7920 x6004
Megapixels 50 MP
Sensor Type 35 mm CMOS
Frame rate: 23 fps
Cell size: 4.6 µm square
Standard Mount 52 mm, M52x1.5x12mm BFL, F mount
Sutter: Global
Bit depth: 8, 10 bit
GPIO/Triggering 2 in, 4 out Software, External (Pulse or Edge)
10GigE via SFP+
Exposure/Integration 10 µs -1s
Dynamic Range 60 dB
Monochrome Modes Mono8, Mono 10
Color Modes RGB8,YUV411,YUV422, YUV444,BGR8
Raw Modes BayerRGB, BayerRG10
Frame buffer 5 full frames (8bpp, Full Frame)
Memory 500MB DDR2, 125MP, NOR FLASH
Operating System Window 7/8, Linux (64 bit)
Compliance CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE,GigE Vision, GenICam
Power Requirements 9W,12V
Operating Temperature 0C to -45C
Storage Temperature -30C to +60C
Dimensions & Weight
Warranty 2 Years

Order HR-50000 M , 00-00-TBD

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