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Dalsa Piranha HS-80-08K40

Teledyne DALSA Camera

Product Family

Piranha HS

Part Number


Camera Type


Sensor Type


Sensor Size



M72 x 0.75




Camera Link



Frame Rate

30-40 KHz

Max Frame Rate

Max. Line Rate 34 kHz

Salient Features

Piranha HS 8k, 34 kHz

The HS-80-08K40 is a member of the Piranha HS family, Teledyne DALSA’s latest generation of high sensitivity, TDI based cameras. The Piranha HS family provides high performance solutions for low light imaging with large resolutions and unmatched throughput.

E.O.L. To be Discontinued. See Lina HS for replacement.

High sensitivity. High speed.
The 8K40 model delivers line rates up to 34 kHz and a throughput up to 320 MHz. Camera configuration is extremely flexible and the number of Camera Link taps, throughput, and line rate are all software controlled.  These cameras are capable of bidirectionality with up to 96 stages of selectability, while preventing overexposure with Teledyne DALSA’s proven 100x antiblooming.  Camera configuration is extremely flexible and the number of Camera Link taps, throughput,  and line rate are all software controllable.

The HS 8k is available in two speed grades so you can select the best camera throughput for  your application.  If you need maximum performance in low light, you need to look at a Piranha HS.

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Feature Highlights

  • Line rates up to 34 kHz
  • Up to 320 MHz throughput
  • Bidirectional
  • Selectable TDI or area mode operation
  • Stage selectablity up to 96 stages
  • 100x antiblooming
  • Camera Link interface
  • RoHS compliant


  • Selectable area mode of operation for ease of alignment
  • Stage selectability up to 96 stages
  • Up to four sets of flat field correction coefficients
  • Mirroring and forward/reverse control
  • Programmable pixel to pixel correction


  • Postal Sorting

  • Flat panel display inspection
  • PCB/electronics inspection
  • Large web applications
  • High performance document scanning
  • Low light applications

High Sensitivity Line Scan

These High Sensitivity Line Scan cameras use TDI technology to maximize photon capture at these high line rates. With a line rate of 34 KHz and 8k resolution, these cameras inspect and detect with unrivaled precision and speed.

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