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Imperx CLF-C2880M-RC000


Product Family


Part Number


Camera Type


Sensor Type


Sensor Size



C, EF, F, M42 x 1


6 MP


Camera Link



Frame Rate

100-300 fps

Max Frame Rate

129 fps

Salient Features

Imperx Cheetah CMOS Camera:  C2880, Monochrome, Camera Link® Full / Base

The C2880 6 megapixel camera incorporates the On Semiconductor KAC-06040 CMOS image sensor with a native resolution of 2832 x 2128 in a 1” optical format delivering up to 135 frames per second. It supports Camera Link®, PoCL, or the USB3 Vision® (U3V) interface. Wide dynamic range technology coupled with extremely robust blooming suppression provide clean imagery in even the most severe uncontrolled lighting applications.

The Imperx Cheetah series is the first high performance CMOS product line intended not only for machine vision, but also for surveillance, reconnaissance, aerospace, and intelligent traffic systems. These cameras have very fast frame rates, low noise, wide dynamic range, and excellent near-infrared sensitivity. They have an extremely flexible architecture so one camera can do multiple jobs (for example, a low resolution video camera and a high resolution still camera).

Unique features include:

Smart Wide Dynamic Range. Advanced technology monitors each pixel’s exposure independently and sets it to one of three user-selectable values based on the intensity of the source at the pixel.

Multi-Frame Capture & Switching. This allows you to configure two independent camera frames, each with its own resolution, exposure, gain, dynamic range, and decimation. You can mix and match the frames programmatically or by external trigger to extend your capture options and capabilities. For example, you could set Frame A to capture high resolution detail and Frame B for low resolution contextual information.

Cheetah C2880 Features

  • Ultra-low fixed pattern noise
  • Exceptional blooming suppression
  • Extended Dynamic Range (WDR), 100dB (typ) GS, up to 3 knee points, piecewise linear
  • Dual Video Capability
  • Seamless switching between frames – manual, auto, or triggered
  • Selectable trigger sources
  • Sub-sampling, pixel averaging
  • Region of Interest
  • Analog and digital gain and offset controls
  • Interface: Camera Base, Full/Deca (CFL) with PoCL
  • Built-in pulse generation

Cheetah C2880 Specifications

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