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C, EOS, F, M42


4-4.5 MP


Camera Link, CoaXPress


Color, Monochrome, TRUESENSE Sparse CFA

Frame Rate

25-60 fps

Max Frame Rate

34 fps

Salient Features

Imperx TIGER T2040, 4 MP CCD Camera

Available in:

  • Camera Link® Medium or CoaXPress
  • Industrial or Ruggedized
  • Color, Monochrome, TRUESENSE Sparse CFA

The Tiger T2040 is a small body camera with a 4-megapixel ON Semiconductor KAI-04070 CCD image sensor. The camera provides 2048 x 2048 resolution with frame rates up to 34 fps. The camera offers programmable image resolution, frame rates, gain, offset, external triggering, strobe output, transfer function correction, temperature monitoring, and user programmable and loadable LUT. The camera is fully field upgradable and available in both Ruggedized and Industrial versions. Also available with optional active force air cooling.

TIGER T2040 Features

Note: (R – Ruggedized, I-Industrial)

  • Camera Link Medium, CoaXPress
  • Ruggedized and industrial versions
  • Lens control for Canon EF mount
  • Monochrome, Bayer, Sparse Color Filter Array image sensor types
  • Frame rates up to 34 fps
  • Forced air cooling available (I)
  • Programming software GUI
  • Broad dynamic range and high sensitivity
  • Analog and digital gain/offset controls
  • Area of interest (master/slave)
  • Programmable long exposure mode
  • Automatic gain, automatic exposure control (R)
  • Automatic and manual white balance
  • Internal/external exposure control
  • Large number of trigger modes
  • Aerial mapping tools (cross-hair superposition, mid-exposure signal) (R)
  • Programmable lookup tables (LUT)
  • Flat field and bad pixel correction
  • Field upgradeable firmware

Specifications TIGER T2040

Feature Specification
Resolution 2048 x 2048
Maximum Resolution 2072 x 2072
Sensor KAI-04070, CCD Mono, Color, Sparse CFA
Sensor Format CCD 4/3″
Interfaces Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
Tap outputs 4
Output Format 8-bit, 10-bit, and 12-bit
Analog pre-amp gain -3.0, 0.0, +3.0, +6.0 dB
Analog gain Manual, Auto: 0-36dB
Digital gain 1.0x to 4.0x (0.1x step)
Digital offset -12.5% to +12.5% of dynamic range in 1024 steps (-512 to + 511, 1 step increments)
Dynamic range 70 dB
Shutter Speed 1 μs step, 1/100,000 to 1/5 sec (nom)
Exposure Control Manual, Auto, External
External Inputs/Outputs 2 IN (OPTO, LVTTL) / 2 OUT (OPTO, TTL)
Strobe Output 2 Ruggedized or 1 industrial. Programmable position and duration
Vibration, Shock (Ruggedized) 100g (20-200) HZ XYZ, 1000g
Vibration, Shock (Industrial) 20G (20-200HZ XYZ) / 200G
Environmental (Ruggedized) -40˚C to +85˚C Operating, -50˚C to +90˚C Storage
Environmental (industrial) -10˚C to +60˚C Operating, -50˚C to +90˚C Storage
Regulatory FCC Part 15 Class A, CE, RoHS


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