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M58 x 0.75


50 MP


Camera Link, CoaXPress


Color, Monochrome

Frame Rate

4 fps

Max Frame Rate

10480 x 4840

Salient Features

Imperx TIGER T9040, 50 MP CCD Camera

Available in:

  • Camera Link® Medium or CoaXPress
  • Industrial or Ruggedized
  • Color, Monochrome


The Tiger T9040 is a large camera with an impressive 50-megapixel ON Semiconductor KAI-50140 CCD image sensor. The camera provides 10440 x 5280 resolution for capturing fine details and frame rates up to 4 fps. The camera provides programmable image resolution, frame rates, gain, offset, external triggering, strobe outputs and Look-up tables (LUTs) The camera is fully field upgradable and available in both Ruggedized and Industrial versions.


TIGER T9040  Features

  • Camera Link Medium, CoaXPress
  • Ruggedized and industrial versions
  • Monochrome, Bayer, Sparse Color Filter Array image sensor types
  • Frame rates up to 2.7 fps
  • Optional forced air cooling available
  • Programming software GUI
  • Broad dynamic range
  • Analog and digital gain/offset controls
  • Area of interest
  • Programmable long exposure mode
  • Automatic gain, automatic exposure control (R)
  • Automatic and manual white balance
  • Internal/external exposure control
  • Large number of trigger modes
  • Aerial mapping tools (cross-hair superposition, mid-exposure signal) (R)
  • Programmable lookup tables (LUT)
  • Flat field and bad pixel correction
  • Field upgradeable firmware


Specifications TIGER T9040


Build Type


Order Part Number

Industrial CameraLink Medium CLM-T9040X-IV000
Industrial CoaXPress CXP – T9040x-IV000
Ruggedized CoaXPress CXP-T9040x-RV000


Feature Specification
Resolution 10440 x 4800 CLM
Maximum Resolution 10480 x 4840 CXP
Sensor ON Semiconductor KAI-50140
Sensor Format CCD, 51.7 mm diagonal
Pixel Size 4.5 microns square
Interfaces Camera Link Medium (CLM), CoaXPress (CXP)
Maximum frame rate 4 fps
Output format 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit
Analog gain Manual, Auto: 0-30dB(Ruggedized) , 0-24dB ( Industrial)
Digital gain 1.0x to 4.0x (0.1x step)
Digital offset -511 to +512
Auto gain/exposure Yes (Ruggedized version)
Dynamic range >60 dB
Shutter Speed 1 μs step, 1/100,000 to 1/5 sec (nom)
Exposure control Manual and External
Long exposure Up to 16 seconds
External Inputs/Outputs 2 IN (OPTO, LVTTL) / 2 OUT (OPTO, TTL)
Strobe Output Strobes, programmable position and duration: 2 strobes (Ruggedized version); 1 Strobe (industrial version)
Smear correction Yes (Ruggedized version)
Pulse generator Yes programmable
Canon EF Lens Control Yes (Ruggedized version)
Area of interest (AOI) 2 AOI (Ruggedized version); 1 AOI (Industrial version)
Vibration, Shock (Ruggedized) 100g (20-200) HZ XYZ, 1000g
Vibration, Shock (Industrial) 20G (20-200Hz) XYZ / 200G
Environmental (Ruggedized) -40˚C to +85˚C Operating, -50˚C to +90˚C Storage
Environmental (Industrial) -10˚C to +60˚C Operating, -50˚C to +90˚C Storage
Regulatory FCC Part 15 Class A, CE, RoHS


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