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JAI Fusion AD-080CL

JAI Camera

Product Family

Fusion Series

Part Number


Camera Type


Sensor Type


Sensor Size





under 1MP


Camera Link


Color, Monochrome

Frame Rate

25-60 fps

Max Frame Rate

30 fps

Salient Features

AD-080CL:  Fusion Series,  Camera Link, 1024 x 768, CCD, 30fps

The AD-080CL  provides both visible and near-infrared light spectrums. The launch of JAI’s new multi-spectral camera ushers in a new era of affordable imaging.

The AD-080CL is a cost-efficient camera that simultaneously measures visible and near-infrared (NIR) light spectrums through a single lens using two channels. The first channel has a Bayer mosaic color imager that only captures visible light, while the second has a monochrome imager for NIR light.

This multi-spectral imaging solution brings a new, essential dimension  to  a  number  of  vision  inspection  applications.

AD-080CL Features

  • Multi-spectral 2-channel CCD camera
  • Advanced series 2 x 1/3” progressive scan camera
  • Simultaneously captures Visible and Near-IR through the same optical path
  • 1024 (h) x 768 (v) active pixels per channel
  • 4.65 μm square pixels
  • 30 frames/second with full resolution
  • Increased frame rate with partial scan
  • Programmable exposure from 20μs to 33ms
  • Pre-select and Pulse width trigger modes
  • Auto-iris lens video output allows a wider range of light
  • LVAL Synchronous/-asynchronous operation (auto-detect)
  • RGB 24-bit or Raw Bayer 10 or 8-bit output for visible
  • 10 or 8-bit output for Near-IR


AD-080CL Application


JAI’s new 2-CCD technology not only enables users to mea sure both visual and NIR light with a single camera, but also offers easy set-up and alignment. Practical and cost-efficient, the AD-O80CL is ideally-suited for a large variety of applications, including:

  • Inspection and sorting – of food, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, meat, and grains including the ability to check the contents under printed packages
  •  Print  inspection  – of  packaging,  such  as  cosmetics  and food packaging
  • Surface inspection – of textiles and other flat products
  • Print board inspection
  • Electronics inspection
  • Security  print  inspections -including  currency,  checks, airline tickets, lottery tickets, and passports
  • Advanced  surface  property  and  quality  inspection of wood, metal, and other materials


Dimensions (HxWxL): 55 x 55 x 80 mm


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