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JAI Fusion AD-131GE

JAI Camera

Product Family

Fusion Series

Part Number


Camera Type


Sensor Type


Sensor Size





1-1.9 MP


GigE Vision


Color, Monochrome

Frame Rate

25-60 fps

Max Frame Rate

31 fps

Salient Features

AD-0131GE:  Fusion Series,  GigE Vision, 1296 x 966, CCD, 31fps

The AD-131GE provides 1.3 megapixel monochrome resolution for high dynamic range imaging applications. The camera leverages JAI’s advanced prism technology to align two 1/3″ CCD sensors (ICX447AL) to within one-quarter pixel accuracy.

By altering the shutter/gain settings of the two CCDs and fusing the two synchronized video streams, the AD-131GE can provide more than double the dynamic range of standard CCD cameras (up to ~120 dB) but in a linear fashion that avoids the noise, shutter, and compression issues found in typical CMOS-based logarithmic or LinLog™ high dynamic range cameras.

Alternatively, the timing of each CCD’s readout can be offset by one-half frame and interleaved together to produce 62 fps output without the image degradation that would result from over-clocking the CCDs.

The AD-131GE is equipped with a variety of trigger modes including a special 3-shot PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) mode (download PIV technical note for more details).

Notice : E.O.L = Product will be discontinued. Last order is Sept. 1, 2019

AD-0131GE Features

  • ƒ2-CCD high dynamic range camera
  • 2 monochrome CCDs (1/3”) mounted on an optical prism
  • 1296 (h) x 966 (v) active pixels per channel
  • Choice of built-in image fusion or SDK post processing routines to achieve nearly 120 dB dynamic range
  • 31 fps operation for HDR
  • Separate high-speed (62 fps) and high S/N modes also included
  • GigE Vision/GenICam compliant with 8-bit, 10-bit, or 12-bit per channel output
  • Programmable exposure from 11.49µs to 31.761ms in one-line increments
  • Auto shutter from 1/31 to 1/366 sec
  • Unique 3-shot PIV trigger mode provides 50% more vector data
  • Analog video output for auto-iris lens control
  • ƒProgrammable 25-in/14-out GPIO module


AD-131GE Application

Practical and cost-efficient, the AD-131GE is ideally-suited for a large variety of applications, including:

  • Inspection and sorting – of food, such as fruit, vegetables,
    nuts, meat, and grains including the ability to check the
    contents under printed packages
  •  Print  inspection  – of  packaging,  such  as  cosmetics  and
    food packaging
  • Surface inspection – of textiles and other flat products
  • LED inspection – inspection tasks where incident light or bright reflections are present
  • Security  print  inspections -including  currency,  checks,
    airline tickets, lottery tickets, and passports
  • Advanced  surface  property  and  quality  inspection
    of wood, metal, and other materials


Dimensions (HxWxL): 55 x 55 x 98.3 mm


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