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JAI Fusion FS-1600D-10GE

JAI Camera

Product Family

Fusion Series

Part Number


Camera Type


Sensor Type


Sensor Size





1.6 MP


10G GigE Vision



Frame Rate

228 fps

Max Frame Rate

228 fps

Salient Features

AD-0130GE:  Fusion Series,  10Gbps, 1440 x 1080, CCD, 226 fps

JAI’s FS-1600D-10GE is a 2-CMOS multispectral prism camera providing simultaneous images of different spectral bands in a single camera – a visible color channel from 400-670 nm and a near infrared (NIR) channel from 740-1000 nm. This makes it possible to simultaneously inspect surface properties and sub-surface defects. A backwards-compatible 10 GigE interface provides exceptional speed and networking flexibility.

FS-1600D-10GE Features

  • Prism-based 2-CMOS multispectral area scan camera that simultaneously captures visible and near-IR light.
  • Backwards-compatible 10GBASE-T (10 GigE) interface auto-negotiates to match the speed of connected equipment including NBASE-T (5 GigE and 2.5 GigE) and standard 1 Gbps 1000BASE-T GigE Vision.
  • Sequence trigger mode for on-the–fly change of gain, exposure and ROI.


FS-1600D-10GE Application

The Fusion Series area scan cameras are the ideal choice if you have imaging applications where you need to combine visible and NIR imaging inspection.

  • Inspection and sorting – of food, such as fruit, vegetables,
    nuts, meat, and grains including the ability to check the
    contents under printed packages
  •  Print  inspection  – of  packaging,  such  as  cosmetics  and
    food packaging
  • Surface inspection – of textiles and other flat products
  • Print board inspection
  • Electronics inspection
  • Security  print  inspections -including  currency,  checks,
    airline tickets, lottery tickets, and passports
  • Advanced  surface  property  and  quality  inspection
    of wood, metal, and other materials


Dimensions (HxWxL): 62 x 62 x 86.5 mm


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