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JAI Camera

Product Family

Wave Series

Part Number


Camera Type


Sensor Type

InGaAs Line

Sensor Size







Camera Link



Frame Rate

39 kHz

Max Frame Rate

39230 line/sec

Salient Features

WA-1000D-CL:  Wave Series, dual SWIR line scan, Camera Link, 2 x 1024, 25.6mm imager, 39.23 kHz line rate, wavelength band 900 nm to 1700 nm.

The Wave Series cameras are dual-band 1K line scan cameras capable of sensing Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) light. The cameras are based on Indium/Gallium/Arsenide (InGaAs) sensor technology and JAI’s prism line scan technology, making them capable of delivering dual-band imaging in the SWIR light spectrum (900 – 1700 nm).

WA-1000D-CL FeaturescameraLink-logo

  • Simultaneous dual-band imaging in the Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) light spectrum.
  • 2 x 1024 pixel resolution in two SWIR bands: 900-1400 nm and 1400-1700 nm.
  • Single optical path maintains two-channel alignment at up to 39 kHz (39,230 lines/second).
  • Image pre-processing includes pixel gain correction, flat-field correction, LUT/gamma function, and more.
  • Camera Link interface available with Dual-Base configuration or 2-tap Medium configuration.
  • Large variety of off-the-shelf optics available in comparison with MWIR cameras that require custom lenses and windows made of expensive materials.
  • No cooling required.
  • A robust design for outstanding reliability and durability in industrial environments.




WA-1000D-CL is capable of delivering dual-band imaging in the SWIR light spectrum (900 – 1700 nm)
Multi-imager camera technology is a JAI core competence and over the years JAI has delivered cameras covering RGB and NIR into various applications.


Weight    910 g
Product Line  Wave Series
Model   WA-1000D-CL
Type       Line Scan
Color / Mono Multispectral
Light Spectrum  SWIR
Resolution  N/A
Resolution WxH 1024 x 1 px
Frame rate / Line rate 39 kHz
Interface  Camera Link
Sensors 2xInGaAs
Sensor Name    Custom
Optical Format  25.6 mm
Cell Size WxH   25.0 x 25.0 µm
Shutter type Global shutter
Sensor Diagonal  25.7 mm
Active Sensor Dimensions WxH 25.7 mm
Camera Dimensions HxWxL 90 x 90 x 117 mm
Weight 910 g
Video Output 8/10/12-bit
Lens Mount   M52-Mount
Power Consumption  10.83 Watt
Operating Temperature (ambient) -5°C to +45°C


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