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Dalsa Piranha HS-S0-12K40

Teledyne DALSA Camera

Product Family

Piranha HS

Part Number


Camera Type


Sensor Type


Sensor Size



M72 x 0.75







Frame Rate

>50 KHz

Max Frame Rate

Max. Line Rate 90 kHz

Salient Features

Piranha HS 12k, 90 kHz

12k resolution, 1.08 gigapixels per second throughput, and a fast 90 kHz line rate.

The Piranha HS 12k high sensitivity camera heralds a breakthrough in TDI digital imaging technology. With a maximum line rate of 90 kHz, a throughput of 1.08 gigapixels per second, and 12,000 pixel resolution, the Piranha HS 12k camera provides optimal system performance in a compact form.

E.O.L. To be Discontinued. See Lina HS for replacement.

Using Teledyne DALSA’s new interface technology, this HS 12k camera is the first standard product in the marketplace capable of transmitting over 1 gigapixel throughput.  All models are capable of bidirectional operation with up to 256 stages of selectability, while preventing overexposure with antiblooming features. Camera configuration is flexible and all software is controllable.

If you need maximum performance in low light, you need to look at a Piranha HS.

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Feature Highlights

  • 12000 pixels
  • Max 90 kHz line rate
  • 1080 megapixels/second
  • Responsivity 300 DN/(nJ/cm²) 0 dB
  • Bidirectional
  • Antiblooming
  • HSLink interface


  • Up to 256 TDI stages selectable
  • Selectable area mode of operation for ease of alignment
  • Up to four sets of flat field correction coefficients
  • Mirroring and forward/reverse control
  • Flat field corrections


  • Flat panel display inspection

  • PCB/electronics inspection
  • Large web applications
  • High performance document scanning
  • Low light applications

HSLink Interface

The HSLink interface is a new machine vision connectivity interface pioneered by Teledyne DALSA. HSLink is designed specifically to meet the needs of all machine vision applications and therefore carries image data, configuration data and low jitter, real time triggering signals over a simple network topology supporting cameras, intermediate devices and frame grabbers. The interface has taken the key strengths of Camera Link, and added new features and functions. HSLink delivers scalable bandwidth of 300 to 6000 Mbytes/s, 1x to 20x configurations while using globally available, off-theshelf components.


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