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IOI Camera

Product Family


Part Number

Redwood 12 MP CXP

Camera Type


Sensor Type


Sensor Size





4096 x 3072




Color, Monochrome

Frame Rate

335 fps

Max Frame Rate

335 fps

Salient Features

The Redwood™ series is a family of high-throughput industrial video cameras designed with some of the fastest high-resolution CMOS image sensors available today. Both monochrome and color camera models are available to suit a variety of applications in industrial and scientific imaging, wide area observation, as well as virtual reality and special effects.

The CMOS image sensors used in the Redwood camera series feature global shutter capability. Global shutter means all pixels across the sensor capture light during the same period of time. In contrast, sensors which use a rolling shutter technique will stagger the start of exposure throughout the rows of the image.

Redwood camera series use advanced designs and fabrication techniques to minimize in-pixel circuitry, providing top-quality high-resolution images of fast-moving objects without motion artifacts.

CoaXPress is a high-bandwidth digital video interface.  High-speed and high-resolution images can be transmitted reliably over long distances through single or multiple coaxial cables, or fiber optic cables for very long distance applications.

CoaXPress serves many advanced imaging applications across many markets.  CoaXPress combines high-speed serial link technology and low-cost cabling to form a bidirectional full-duplex communication path between video sources (ie. cameras) and video receivers (ie. frame grabbers or DVRs).


  • Monochrome and Color Models
  • High Resolution with High Speed Output
  • Advanced Global Shutter CMOS Sensor
  • Fast CoaXPress 2.0 Video Output with
  • Selectable 8/10/12-bit Data Formats
  • Multiple Lens Mount Options
  • Multi-ROI with up to 16 Separate Windows
  • Flexible Image Adjustment and Enhancement



Camera Model

Redwood 12MP

Sensor Size (H x V)

4096 x 3072 (12.6 MP)

Frame Rate (full resolution)

335 fps ( 8-bit), 299 fps (10-bit), 132 fps (12-bit)

Optical Format

APS-C (28.1 mm diagonal)

Sensor Type

CMOS w. global electronic shutter

Sensor Options

Monochrome or Color (Bayer)

Pixel Size

5.5 x 5.5 µm

Dynamic Range / Sensitivity

59.5 dB; optional Piecewise HDR or Interleaved HDR

Output Configurations

1/2/4 links at 3.125 / 5.0 / 6.25 / 10.0 / 12.5 Gbps via coaxial or fiber cabling (QSFP+)

Pixel Bit Depth

8/10/12-bit output

Multiple ROI

Up to 16 windows with optional 2×2 binning, or with full-size window ½ subsampling can be used

Exposure Control

Programmable or level-controlled exposure, triggered double exposure (PIV), or auto exposure

Image Correction

Black level, FPN/PRNU, bad pixel replacement, FFC, denoise filter, detail enhancement filter

Color Processing

White balance (Auto one-shot, tracking, or manual) LUTs

Camera Configuration

GenICam or Redwood Control software




62.0 mm x 62.0 mm x 154.7 mm (WxHxD, with F-mount)

Lens Mount

F-mount, M52 x 0.75 or Active Canon EF-mount


715 g (with F-mount, no lens)

Power Requirements

Approx. 12W @ 12V DC via Hirose 6-pin, CX models support PoCXP (min. 2 links required)

Additional I/O (Hirose 12-pin)

TTL-level trigger input/output

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 50°C, 20-85% humidity (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature

-40°C to 85°C, 10-90% humidity (non-condensing)

Datasheet PDF



*Note: Power Adapter  and Lens Adapter Sold Separately

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