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SilkyEvCam HD

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Product Family

SilkyEvCam HD

Part Number

SilkyEvCam HD

Camera Type

Pixel Movement Area Camera

Sensor Type

IMX636 Sony

Sensor Size





1280 x 720


USB 3.0



Frame Rate

Max Frame Rate

Salient Features

Event Based Camera

NEW SilkyEvCam HD


Event-based cameras use a very different approach to capturing and displaying data, registering the change in signal per pixel rather than the total integrated intensity per pixel. The change can be positive or negative and it can be measured over a very short time interval if desired. The output of the sensor then becomes the magnitude of the change at each pixel during the specified integration period.

As an example, if you were looking at an Automobile that is stationary and under static illumination conditions, you would essentially get a blank image. But if you drove the car, you would see all the pixels in the field of view that changed (those showing the car outline and details) but the background would disappear if it was static.



The main advantage of this technology is the reduction in the bandwidth of the signal (less data needs to be returned) so a simple interface can report back on high speed changes with not much difficulty. This means that a USB3 type camera can collect images at kiloherz rates and higher, as long as not all the pixels are changing in the image at the same time.


  • Sony IMX636 Event Based Sensor
  • High Definition (1280×720)
  • 4.86 micro pixel size
  • Microsecond resolution; adjustable after data collection
  • 100 microsecond latency
  • 20M Events/sec
  • Compact size
  • USB-3 Interface

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