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CLEVER-F Camera Link Splitter/ Switch/ Repeater

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Clever- F  Camera Link Splitter/ Switch/ Repeater, Camera Link FULL splitter, 1 camera to 2 frame grabbers, up to 85MHz. Also use as base, medium, full repeater

cameraLink-logoThis multifunctional unit is the electrical solution to extend cable length, split images, and multiplex. CLEVER supports Camera Link Base and Medium configurations at high speeds up to 85MHz. The user may control the unit via either the RS232 port or DIP switch on front panel.

CLEVER  Technical Specifications

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System Diagram

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  • Fully supports Camera Link cameras/framegrabbers up
    to 85MHz pixel clock
  • Switching connections between two Base CL cameras
    and two framegrabbers
  • Time division multiplexing images from two Base CL
    cameras to one framegrabber
  • Controlling two Base CL cameras synchronously from
    one framegrabber
  • Splitting and repeating images for Base or Medium or
    Full or dual Base CL camera configurations
  • PoCL pass-through function allows PoCL compatible
    cameras to withdraw power from frame grabbers while
    CLEVER power is supplied by its own DC input
  • PoCL sharing function allows PoCL compatible cameras
    and CLEVER to share power from frame grabbers
  • PoCL enable function allows CLEVER to withdraw power
    from frame grabber while camera is not compatible to
  • Single 5V~24V DC power supply
  • Locking power supply connector
  • Can be seamlessly used with our PHOX, PHIRE and
    PHAST fiber extenders for long distance transmission

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