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Deep Learning and 3D Vision Workshop

    September  21st  10 to 2:30 PM PST     Join Uniforce Sales and Matrox Imaging for a live workshop on Deep Learning and 3D vision. Training will focus on deep learning and 3D vision, specifically using MIL CoPilot within the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X software environment. MIL X is a comprehensive software development …   more »


  Announcing the new 8KSDI camera, adding to its lineup of compact, POV video cameras featuring superb image quality at affordable prices. As its name implies, the camera combines 8K (and UHDTV2) capture with live SDI output. It’s designed for use in professional live broadcast and video production environments. Other applications include virtual …   more »

Software Update 117 for MIL X

MIL X Update 117 is now available through the update service to MIL X registered users with a valid maintenance subscription as well as those evaluating MIL X.   It adds support for deep learning training using NVIDIA Ampere‐class GPUs (e.g., GeForce RTX 30 Series and RTX Ax000 cards).   Update 117 succeeds Update 113 and …   more »

Software Update Matrox Design Assistant® X Version 2109 Now Available

Matrox Design Assistant X Version 2109 provides new 3D tools, support for the new Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras, Matrox 4Sight EV6, Matrox 4Sight XV6, OPC UA communication, a new HDR step, and more The Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 images for both the Matrox 4Sight EV6 and Matrox 4Sight XV6 vision controllers now include the latest version of Matrox …   more »

MidOpt StableEdge Optical Filters

MidOpt StablEDGE® optical filters are specifically designed to be less susceptible to effects from angular shifting seen when optical filters are placed in front of short focal length (<12mm) camera lenses. This feature is becoming increasingly important as today’s trend in machine vision imaging progresses toward more compact inspection layouts, …   more »

Matrox Iris GTX

Compact, capable smart camera:  Camera and PC together as one     Matrox® Iris GTX is the next evolution of smart cameras from Matrox Imaging. Offering higher resolution sensors and substantially more processing power than its immediate predecessor, Matrox Iris GTX provides exceptional performance for a compact all-in-one vision system. …   more »

New IO Rodeo Video Recorder

  Rodeo is an ultra-compact, rugged, video recorder, designed for RAW recording from high-performance video cameras Features Records from IOI or third Party cameras with CoaXPress Interface Reliable PGA-based recording to internal SSD 10 Gigabit Ethernet ( copper/fiber? for control, video streaming and high speed file download Low-latency SDI …   more »

Vision Point Software Update

Kaya Instruments had released its newest software update: Vision Point 2022.1 New Features GenICam 3.2 support was introduced in this software release “Search” option was added to cameras’ properties browser “Code Sample” option was added to cameras’ properties browser GenTL support for “Common Vision Blox(CVB)” SDK CoaXPress2 Frame …   more »

BITFLOW SDK Now Available with Python Wrapper

    BFPython, an application programming interface that allows engineers with Python expertise to acquire images from BitFlow’s broad range of frame grabbers. Available immediately, these Python bindings wrap the BitFlow SDK’s configuration, acquisition, buffer management and camera control APIs. The download also includes several …   more »

New Matrox Gecho

MONTREAL, Quebec, 17 February 2022—Matrox® Imaging is pleased to announce the release of Matrox Gecho, its new event-logging tool for Matrox Rapixo CXP frame grabbers.   Matrox Gecho ensures streamlined image capture by detecting and correcting performance bottlenecks and errors. Matrox Gecho helps developers optimize image capture and ensure …   more »

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