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Computar Lenses


About Computar

Computar has been in the optics world for more than 40 years. These Japanese lenses have the highest-quality optics with competive pricing.


We encourage you to contact Uniforce Sales and Engineering to learn more about the full line of Computar Lenses. We can help you find the right  lenses for your imaging needs. (510) 657 – 4000.


Computar Lenses

Model Part Number Mount Focal Length Aperature Diameter Type PDF
TEC-55 TEC-M55 C 55 mm F2.8 2/3″ Telecentric PDF
M2518-MPW2 M2518-MPW2 C 25 mm F1.8 2/3″ Ultra Low Distortion Lens PDF
M1224-MPW2 M1224-MPW2 C 12 mm F2.4,F4.0,F5.6,

F8.0, F11.0

2/3″ Ruggedized Ulta Compact PDF
SWIR M3514-SW M3514-SW C 35 mm F1.4 2/3″ SWIR PDF
V2520-MPZ V2520-MPZ C 25 mm F2.0 1.0″ Megapixel lens PDF
V5024-MPZ V5024-MPZ C 50 mm F2.4 1.0″ Megapixel lens PDF
V1228-MPY V1228-MPY C 12 mm F2.8 1.1″ Megapixel lens PDF
V3528-MPY V3528-MPY C 35 mm F2.8 1.1″ Megapixel lens PDF

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