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Dalsa Genie Nano CXP

Area Scan Camera

From 16 to 67 megapixel resolution with proven CoaXPress 6Gbps technology for breakthrough speed


Smaller, faster, stronger, cheaper. Better in every way that matters.

Introducing Genie Nano-CXP, a camera designed for full-throttle performance. Genie Nano-CXP builds on Nano’s proven, industry leading reputation and leverages a CoaXPress 6Gbps interface to deliver the maximum throughput from leading edge high resolution CMOS image sensors.

In resolutions from 16 to 67 megapixels, Genie Nano-CXP ensures robust build quality, wide operating temperature, and an unmatched feature set—all at an incredible price.


Latest generation CMOS technology.


Exploit more speed with your existinging frastructure.cameraLink-logo

With the latest high performance CMOS image sensors, Genie Nano CL lets you take advantage of higher frame rates, higher resolution, and higher performance without having to change the rest of your existing Camera Link system infrastructure. You can keep your existing frame grabbers, cables, and application code, leveraging your existing investment to new levels of performance.


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Camera Type Area Scan
Sensor Technology CMOS
Shutter Type Global Shutter
Supported Interfaces CoaXPress
Spectrum Capability Visible (400-700 nm), Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)
Exposure Control Automatic, programmable, or via external trigger
General Purpose I/O SAMTEC TFM-105 type
Power Requirement +12 to +24 V or Power over CoaXPress PoCXP (PoCXP requires 2 × DIN connectors min.)




  • Semiconductor wafer inspection
  • Surface and bump inspection
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • 3D solder paste inspection
  • Package and bump inspection
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Solar panel inspection
  • General machine vision


Datasheet Dalsa Genie Nano CXP




Genie Nano CXP Models

nano-cxp-pic Uniforce Sales.com



Model Name Part Number Interface Resolution Frame Rate Mono/Color Pixel Size Dynamic Range
Genie Nano-CXP M4090 G3-XM30-M4095 CoaXPress 4096 x 4096  120 fps Mono 4.5 µm 55 dB
Genie Nano-CXP M4090-NIR G395-XM32-M40 CoaXPress 4096 x 4096  120 fps Mono, NIR 4.5 µm 55 dB
Genie Nano-CXP M5100 G3-XM30-M5105 CoaXPress 5120 x 5120  80 fps Mono 4.5 µm 55 dB
Genie Nano-CXP M5100-NIR G3-XM32-M5105 CoaXPress 5120 x 5120  80 fps Mono, NIR 4.5 µm 55 dB


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