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Dalsa Piranha3

Line Scan Camera

Ultra High Resolution and Performance: Up to 16k. 1179 Mpixels/s


The Piranha3 camera family takes imaging to a new level with unsurpassed resolution and throughput. With horizontal resolution up to 16k, Piranha3 cameras deliver more detail with fewer cameras in a multi-camera system for measurable cost savings. Additional system cost-savings stem from the Piranha3’s superior sensor alignment accuracy, high responsivity and optimized pixel pitch, 3.5 µm (16k), 5 µm (12k) and 7 µm (8k).

Lowest price/pixel system solution

The Piranha3 cameras enable you to meet the line rates necessary for your high performance applications and allow you to reduce the number of cameras in your system. When you use fewer cameras, you use fewer framegrabbers, lenses, computers and cables. The Piranha3 family delivers the lowest price/pixel system solution.

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  • Up to 1.179 Gpixel/s throughput
  • Line rates up to 72 kHz (16k), 33.7 kHz (8k) or 23.5 kHz (12k)
  • Teledyne DALSA’s own CCD and CMOS line scan sensors
  • 100% fill factor
  • ±50µm sensor alignment accuracy
  • High responsivity
  • Flat field correction


  • Flat panel inspection
  • Printed circuit board inspection
  • Web inspection (narrow and wide web)
  • Parcel sorting
  • High performance document scanning
  • High throughput applications

A Camera Link interface ensures easy integration of the Piranha3 8k and 12k into existing systems. With a selectable number of taps, bit depth, and Camera Link mode, the Piranha3 cameras are extremely flexible. Other programmable features include flat field correction, exposure control, and gain and offset control.

With throughput of 1.179 Gpixels/s, the CMOS-based Piranha3 16k goes beyond the limits of Camera Link and so uses HSLink, the next generation interface pioneered by Teledyne DALSA. HSLink takes the key strengths of Camera Link®, adds new features and functions, and combines them with unprecedented, scalable bandwidth (from 300 to 6000 megabytes/second in 300 megabyte/second steps ) using globally available, off-the-shelf components.

HSLink Features and Benefits

  • Globally available, off-the-shelf components are used. No license or royalty fees. No chip supply issues.
  • Scaleable bandwidth of 300 to 6000 Mbytes/s, 1x to 20x configurations, while maintaining a common and consistent control interface and ease of implementation.
  • Camera size is minimized.
    • Interface technology can be integrated into FPGAs rather than use a separate IC chip.
    • Power over HSLink is possible.
    • Protocol handles real-time triggering. No need for a separate trigger cable.
  • Real-time triggering – low jitter of 3.2ns makes HSLink viable for linescan applications.
  • Maintains the features of Camera Link, an industry specific connectivity solution, while using broadly used off the shelf components having development road maps for increased performance. This protocol will have a long service life.
  • Lower cost data transmission across all bandwidths
  • Reliable data transmission achieved through proven technology and the supported hardware resend capability. Hardware resend enables minimal buffer sizes suitable for inclusion in FPGAs, ie no external memory required.
  • Plug and Play – Cameras are GenICam
  • General Purpose I/O are optional and supported on the camera
  • Guaranteed data reliability with data resend and redundant trigger codes.
  • Power optimized as the number of lanes needed for data transmission scales as necessary. Friendly to the environment.
  • Data Forwarding – Low cost distributed image processing.
  • Open development with feedback solicited and incorporated into improving the interface.
  • Reference designs available to reduce implementation times.
  • Designed to ensure longevity in the marketplace. Expected lifecycle is 10-20 years.
  • Commitment from a major camera and frame grabber developer.
  • HSLink Protocol exceeds 95% video efficiency

Piranha3 Camera Models


Model Name Part Number  Sensor Type Camera Type Resolution Interface Mono/Color Frame Rate
Piranha3 8k, 33 kHz P3-8x-08k40 CCD Line 8 k CameraLink Monochrome 31-40 kHz
Piranha3 12k, 23 kHz P3-8x-12k40 CCD Line 12 k CameraLink Monochrome 21-30 kHz


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