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Dalsa Piranha4 Multispectral – Line Scan Camera

piranha4 P4-CC-02K07N

Why Multispectral?

Combine low-light mono performance with all the additional dimensions of color

Reveal detail beyond visible light

Spectral signatures define materials


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The new Piranha4 quadlinear RGB + NIR / Mono cameras provide industry leading speeds to meet future requirements of higher throughput in multi-spectral imaging applications.

Based on Teledyne DALSA’s unique CMOS linescan technology, the Piranha4 multi-spectral camera delivers superb color plus near-infrared (NIR) fidelity, spectrally independent outputs, all in a compact footprint and with an easy to use interface. New features include multiple regions of interest for data reduction and regional calibration, sub-pixel spatial correction, white balance and color calibration tools.


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Family Specifications

Camera Type Line Scan
Sensor Technology CMOS
Supported Interfaces Camera Link
Spectrum Capability Visible (400-700 nm), Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)
Power Requirement Hirose 6-pin, +12 V to +24 V DC


Multispectral Diagram 1

different wavelength

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Piranha4 Multispectral Camera Models

Model Name Part Number  Sensor Type Camera Type Resolution Interface Mono/Color Frame Rate
Piranha4 Multispectral 2k, 70kHz P4-CC-02K07Q CMOS Line 2 k Camera Link Color >50 KHz
Piranha4 Multispectral RGB+NIR 2k, 70 kHz P4-CC-02K07N CMOS Line 2 k Camera Link Color >50 KHz


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