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Dalsa Piranha4 Polarization 2k

Line Scan Polarization 2k, 70 kHz Camera


The Piranha4 Polarization™ camera is a breakthrough in the machine vision industry. This high-speed polarization camera features three native polarization states plus an unfiltered channel.

Industry’s first line scan polarization camera: making the invisible visible.


Polarization images (a) compared with conventional, unfiltered images (b). Stress shows up in the polarization images while it cannot be seen in the conventional ones.

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  • Three native polarization states plus an unfiltered channel
  • Line rates up to 70 kHz
  • Bi-directional
  • Compact camera body
  • Sub-pixel spatial correction
  • Horizontal parallax correction
  • Multiple regions of interest for calibration and data reduction
  • 8, 10, or 12-bit output
  • Flat field and lens shading correction
  • GenICan or ASCII-compliant interfacing


  • Glass inspection
  • FPD
  • Wafer inspection
  • Electronics inspection
  • Materials grading systems
  • Medical imaging
  • Food sorting
  • Remote sensing
  • General purpose machine vision


Feature Specification
Part Number P4-CP-02K07Q
Resolution 2048 x 4
Total Data Rate 573 MHz
Max. Line Rate 70 kHz
Pixel Size 14.08 µm
Output Format Camera Link Base, Med., Full or Deca
Size 62 mm × 62 mm × 48 mm
Mass 340 g
Responsivity 30(polarized), 60(unfiltered) DN/nJ/cm2 @ 1x gain

Piranha4 Polarization Camera Models

Model Name Part Number  Resolution Camera Type Resolution Interface Responsivity Max Line Rate
Piranha4 Polarization 2k, 70 kHz P4-CP-02K07Q-00-R 2048 x 4 Line 2 k Camera Link Base, Med., Full or Deca 30(polarized), 60(unfiltered) DN/nJ/cm2 @ 1x gain 70 kHz

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