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Emergent Vision Tech 12MP Cameras

HR-12000: 10 GigE, SFP+ Connections, 12 MegaPixel


HR Series EVT

The HR-12000 is setting a new standard in advanced imaging technologies for applications ranging from broadcast sports to high speed inspection.  At full resolution (4096 x 3072), you get 84 frames per second.  Like all Emergent Vision cameras, the HR-12000 series offers various triggering modes for the precise synchronization at <1µs.  This combination is ideal for any application needing to see the details at real time imaging speeds. Overall, the HR-12000 delivers the resolution you need at unmatched speeds.



The 10GigE interface is GenICam and GigE Vision compatible with the added benefit of a single connection using either SFP+ direct attach or fiber optic for additional length.

The HR-12000 is available in either monochrome or color utilizing a 28mm image format allowing for an extensive selection of optics, making the HR-12000 Ultra-Flexible to meet challenging industrial imaging applications.


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HR-12000 Series Features

Feature Benefits
Ultra Fast, High Resolution Increase production while maximizing resolution. Great for discerning defects at a very high throughput rate.
10 GigE interface Increased bandwidth, capable of high resolution and high frame rate or more than one camera through a single connection. Reduced power consumption and more cost efficient than GigE.
On-board algorithms Reduces host CPU requirements.
Global Shutter High resolution CMOS sensor with global shutter to ensure zero smearing at ultra-high speeds.
High Sensitivity Perfect for low light imaging applications such as ITS.
Flexible Exposure/Integration Control Optimize integration of a wide range of lighting conditions; Match integration time with lighting control for maximum benefit.
External Sync and Trigger Tight synchronization with I/O control, external PLCs, lighting and shutters
Industry Compliant GigE Vision and GenICam compliant to minimize development time for existing SW application

HR-12000 Series Details

Sensor: CMV12000
Resolution: 4096×3072
Megapixels: 12 MP
Sensor Type: 28mm CMOS
Max. Frame Rate: 84 fps
Cell Size: 5.5 µm
Standard Mount: M42x1x12mm BLF, F Mount
Shutter: Global
Bit Depth: 8, 10, bit
GPIO / Triggering: 2 in, 4 out Software, External (Pulse or Edge)
Interface: SFP+  10GigE
*Exposure / Integration: 10µs – 1s
Dynamic Range: 60 dB
Digital Output: 8,10 bit
Monochrome Modes: Mono8, Mono10,
Color Modes: RGB8, BGR8, YUV411, YUV422, YUV444
Raw Modes: BayerRGB, BayerRG10
Frame Buffer: 20 frames (8bpp, Full Frame)
Memory: 500MB DDR2, 125MP NOR FLASH
Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 Linux (64bit)
Compliance:  CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE, GigE Vision, GenICam,
Power Requirements: 9W,12V
Operating Temperature: 0C – 45C
Storage Temperature: -30C to +60C
Dimensions & Weight: 97 x 58x 70 mm – 350g
Warranty: 2 years

HR-12000 Spectral Response

hs12000-spectral response 1

hs12000-spectral response 2


HR Series EVT

  • Ideal for large aerial surveillance of sport stadiums
  • Product Lines
  • Robot Cages
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Emergent Vision Technologies HR-12000

HR Series EVT


Model Name Part Number Sensor Type Sensor Size Resolution Interface Mono/ Color Frame Rate
HR-12000M 00-0034A-A CMOS 28mm 12 MP 10GigE/SFP+ Monochrome 84fps
HR-12000C 00-0035A-A CMOS 28mm 12 MP 10GigE/SFP+ Color 84 fps
HR-12000N 00-0036A-A CMOS 28mm 12 MP 10GigE/SFP+ NIR 84 fps

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