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KAYA Instruments Range Extenders


KAYA Range Extenders:  CoaXPress over Fiber and Camera Link over Fiber Solutions

A wide selection of CoaXPress range extenders which allow a high resolution video stream interface over distances of up to 10 km.  Available both in Fiber and standard coax configuration.  The Fiber converters use flexible SFP+ modules for an optical connection that can be easily changed to support CWDM.

KAYA  CoaXPress over Fiber Range Extenders

Part Number Description Interface
KY-FEXT CoaXPress range extender over fiber ( 4channels) CoaXPress
KY-FEXT-D CoaXPress range extender over fiber – device converter unit CoaXPress
KY-EXT6G CoaXPress range extender over coax – (4 channels) CoaXPress
 KY-CXP-SEXT Single Link CoaXPress Range Extender CoaXPress
KY-FXP CoaXPress range extender with integrated frame grabber (4 channels) CoaXPress

KAYA  Camera Link over Fiber Range Extenders


Part Number Description Interface
KY-EXT-CL Camera Link range extender (FULL/Decca) Camera Link
KY-FXCL Camera Link over Fiber acquisition system (Full/Decca) Camera Link

KAYA Instruments US Master Distributor

Uniforce is the official US Master Distributor for KAYA Instruments

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