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Kaya _ KY-FGK-II-CXP-2ch

KAYA Instruments Frame Grabber

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PCIe Gen3 x8



Salient Features

Komodo II 2 Channel CoaXPress 12G Frame Grabber

Komodo II is best in class Frame Grabber supporting CoaXPress 12G standard and certified by the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA). The Komodo II is capable of receiving video streams from up to 2 CoaXPress 12G links in single or dual modes. Each link supports standard CoaXPress bitrates up to 12.5 Gbps including 13W PoCXP. This CoaXPress 12G Frame Grabber is ideally suited for industrial, defense and aerospace Machine Vision Systems and applications.

The Komodo II can easily receive video streams on the CoaXPress 12G links and transmit them to computer memory through the PCIe interface. This product also provides GPIO for machine control signals, such as triggers, shaft encoders, exposure control and general I/O, which can be control aside video stream acquisition. The Komodo II uses standard Micro-BNC connectors as a CoaXPress interface to the camera and standard HD-DB26 D-sub panel mount connector for general purpose I/O. The Frame Grabber utilizes PCIe Gen3 x8 lanes for communication with Host PC for video uploading and configuration



  • Up to 2 CoaXPress 12.5 Gbps channels
  • PCIe Gen3 x8 interface with up to 55Gbps throughput
  • Up to 4GB DDR4 SODIMM
  • PoCXP support on all channels
  • On board image processing (DeBayer, Color correction and many more)
  • Sophisticated GUI and SDK support
  • Flexible GPIO interface on front bracket panel
  • Supporting Windows and Linux OS
  • C/C++, Python, .NET and APIs
  • Plug-ins modules for Matlab, HALCON, Cognex and Labview


Order Number KY-FGK-II-CXP-2ch
Product / Feature Komodo II CoaXPress Frame Grabber with 2 channels
Form Factor PCI Express card
Format Standard profile, half length, 8-lane PCI Express card
Cooling method Air cooling, fan-cooled heatsink
Mounting For insertion in a standard height, 8-lane or higher, PCI Express card slot
Connectors Ports 0 through 1 on bracket
2x Micro-BNC female connector
CoaXpress host interface
1x External I/O connector on front bracket panel
HD DB26 D-sub panel mount (26-pin 3-row, through hole, right angle)
Auxiliary power input (PoCXP) on PCB
6-pin PEG power socket 12 VDC power input for PoCXP camera(s)
Lamp indicators Ports 0 through 1 on bracket
2x bi-color red/green LEDs
CoaXPress Host connector indicator lamps
FPGA Status indicators on PCB:
– 4 Green LEDs
– Active blinking indicator
– PCIe link indicator
– PCIe x8 link indicator
Dimensions L 167.65 mm x H 111.15 mm

L 6.6 in x H 4.38 in

Weight 200gr
Host bus
Standard PCI Express 3.0
Link width 8 lanes
1, 2 or 4 lanes with reduced performance
Link speed 10.0 GT/s (PCIe 3.0)
• 6.25 GT/s (PCIe 2.0) with reduced performance
Maximum payload size 512 bytes
DMA  32- and 64-bit
• Scatter gather support
• Phisical address support (GPU transfers)
Peak delivery bandwidth 7,880 MB/s
Effective (sustained) delivery bandwidth 6,710 MB/s (Host PC motherboard dependent)
Power consumption Typ. 16.8 W (3.8 W @ +3.3V, 13 W @ +12V), excluding camera and I/O power output
Camera / video inputs
Interface standard(s) CoaXPress 2.0 (CoaXPress 1.1 backward compatible)
Status LEDs 1 CoaXPress Host connection status per connector
4 System status LEDs
Number of cameras Up to 2
Number of links per single camera Up to 2
Syncronisation between cameras Yes
Line-scan cameras supported Yes
Maximum aggregated camera data transfer rate 50 Gbit/s
Supported CXP down-connection speeds  1.25 GT/s (CXP-1)
• 2.5 GT/s (CXP-2)
• 3.125 GT/s (CXP-3)
• 5 GT/s (CXP-5)
• 6.25 GT/s (CXP-6)
• 10 GT/s (CXP-10)
• 12.5 GT/s (CXP-12)
Number of data streams (per camera) 1 data stream per camera
Maximum stream packet size 8,192 bytes
PoCXP (Power over CoaXPress) PoCXP Safe Power:
– 19 W of 24V DC regulated power per CoaXPress connector
• PoCXP Device detection and automatic power-on
• Overload and short-circuit protections
– On-board 12V to 24V DC/DC converter
– A +12V power source must be connected to the auxilary power input connector
Camera types Area-scan cameras:
– Gray-scale and color (RGB and Bayer CFA)
– Single-tap (1X-1Y) progressive-scan
• Line-scan cameras:
– Gray-scale and color RGB
Camera pixel formats supported Raw, Monochrome, Bayer, RGB, YUV, YCbCr and RGBA (PFNC names):
• Raw
• Mono8, Mono10, Mono12, Mono14, Mono16
• BayerXX8, BayerXX10, BayerXX12, BayerXX14, BayerXX16 where XX = GR, RG, GB, or BG

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