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EPIX Frame Grabber

Product Family

Camera Link for PCI

PC Slot/Bus

64bit/66MHz 3V PCI


Camera Link

Salient Features

PIXCI® CL2, EPIX 64-Bit/66MHz PCI Interface Board for Full, Medium & Base Configuration Camera Link Cameras

The PIXCI® CL2 frame grabber supports Full, Medium, and Base configuration Camera Link cameras. Compatible with the 64-bit/ 66MHz PCI bus, the CL2 board interfaces to many of the newest, most advanced, highest bandwidth machine vision cameras available.

Camera Link

 PIXCI CL2 Features

  • Full, Medium & Base Configuration
  • Camera Link PCI Bus Frame Grabber
  • Line Scan or Area Scan
  • Camera Frame Rate Sequence Capture
  • Triggered Image Sequence Capture
  • 64-bit PCI Bus Master
  • Camera Integration and Async Reset Control
  • Integration From Seconds to Minutes
  • Images Stored in Motherboard Memory
  • 528 MB/s Burst Transfers
  • PCI Bus: 64-bit/66MHz or PCI-X
  • Windows & Linux, 32 & 64–bit


The PIXCI CL2Plug and PlayCamera Link Medium and FullOrder EPIX PIXCI® CL2

PIXCI® cl2 Card

The PIXCI CL2 offers

  • Up to 400 megabytes per second data transfer to the host computer.
  • Camera specific control – exposure, bit depth, gain, frame rate.
  • Camera operation in free-run mode – supporting maximum frame rate sequence capture.
  • Camera operation in control (trigger) mode.


PIXCI® cl2 Card

Plug and Play

The PIXCI CL2 is a plug-n-play frame grabber board requiring no hardware setup or adjustment. Install the board, load the software, connect to the camera, and begin to capture images. When the XCAP imaging program is started, it automatically reads a camera identification code programmed on the PIXCI CL2 board. This code specifies the camera being used and allows XCAP to immediately load the appropriate video format and display the camera’s dedicated Capture & Adjust Dialog (camera control menu).

PIXCI® cl2 Card

Medium and Full Configuration Camera Link Cameras

Medium and Full Configuration Camera Link cameras usually require more PCI bus bandwidth than provided by a 32-bit/33MHz PCI bus. The PIXCI CL2 frame grabber requires a 64-bit/66MHz PCI bus slot, or a PCI-X bus slot. These buses are available on server or workstation computers, which EPIX can assemble to your custom specifications.




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