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RAD EV 1G 2C6*

Zebra Frame Grabber

Product Family

Radient eV-CXP

PC Slot/Bus

PCIe® 2.0 x8



Salient Features

RAD EV 1G 2C6*  Matrox Radient eV-CXP dual CXP-6 (6.25Gbps) frame grabber with 1GB DDR3 SDRAM.  Includes cable adaptor. (aux. I/O). Note:Legacy Product.Not for New Designs

Value-packed high-performance CoaXPress frame grabber

The Matrox Radient eV-CXP is a cost-effective CoaXPress (CXP) frame grabber with specific models supporting up to two (Dual) or four (Quad) simultaneous connections. By combining a field proven design with the new CXP interface, the Matrox Radient eV-CXP is a dependable high-performance image capture solution for today and into the foreseeable future


Matrox Radient eV-CXP Benefits

  • Capture from the next generation of higher resolution and higher speed cameras using the CoaXPress (CXP) interface
  • Acquire from multiple independent cameras at once by way of two (Dual) or four (Quad) CXP connections each supporting up to 6.25 Gbps of input bandwidth
  • Interface to the highest performance cameras through the ability to combine CXP connections for up to 25 Gbps of input bandwidth
  • Ensure reliable delivery to host memory by way of PCIe® 2.0 x8 host interface and ample on board buffering
  • Maximize PC compatibility and minimize slot usage through a halflength design with video inputs and auxiliary I/Os on the same bracket1
  • Reduce cabling complexity and eliminate power supplies by way of Power over CoaXPress (PoCXP) support
  • Offload host processing with onboard Bayer interpolation, color space conversion and look-up tables
  • Simplify application development using the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) toolkit on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows® 7/8, and 10 and Linux®, and RTX642 (RTOS)


CoaXPressReliableField-provenDimensionsOrder RAD EV 1G 2C6*

Moving forward with CoaXPress

CoaXPress is a new camera interface standard that takes advantage of common coax cabling to transmit images at rates and distances above and beyond previous standards. With CXP, image data can be transmitted at up to 6.25 Gbps using a single coaxial cable and up to 25 Gbps using four cables to a maximum of 40 meters3. CXP’s high-bandwidth makes it the right match for a new generation of cameras with larger and faster image sensors.

CXP’s full duplex design enables the transmission of camera configuration and control along with image data on the same cable. The Power over CoaXPress (PoCXP) capability further simplifies cabling by providing a camera with up to 13W per cable. This unified cabling facilitates the upgrade of legacy imaging systems from analog to digital


Reliable high-performance image acquisition

The Matrox Radient eV-CXP provides two (Dual) or four (Quad) independent CXP connections through BNC connectors. This allows for simultaneous capture from up to two (Dual) or four (Quad) cameras each running at different CXP speeds (i.e., 1.25, 2.5, 3.125, 5.0 or 6.25 Gbps). For high-bandwidth applications, the Radient eV-CXP frame grabber can also capture from a single camera transmitting image data at up to 12.5 Gbps (Dual) or 25 Gbps (Quad) using connection aggregation.

To reliably handle these high data rates, the Matrox Radient eV-CXP uses a PCIe® 2.0 x8 host interface – with a peak transfer rate of up to 4GB/s – combined with up to 4GB SDRAM of on-board buffering. The frame grabber can also offload the host CPU from having to perform image pre-processing task (i.e., Bayer interpolation, color space conversion and LUT mapping).

The Matrox Radient eV-CXP further simplifies overall system integration by providing camera power, trigger and control over each CXP connection, as well as two (Dual) or four (Quad) independent sets of auxiliary I/O for interfacing with rotary encoders, photoelectric sensors and strobe controllers. By having the primary set of auxiliary I/Os on the same bracket as the BNC connections, the Matrox Radient eV-CXP offers a true single PCIe® slot solution for single camera applications4.


Field-proven application development software

The Matrox Radient eV-CXP is supported by the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL), a comprehensive collection of software tools for developing industrial imaging applications. MIL features interactive software and programming functions for image capture, processing, analysis, annotation, display and archiving. These tools are designed to enhance productivity, thereby reducing the time and effort required to bring your solution to market. Refer to the MIL datasheet for more information.


Dimensions and environmental information

  • 167.6 mm L x 111.1 mm x 18.7 mm (6.6” x 4.38” x 0.74”)
  • 250m A @ 3.3V, 1.25 @ 12V or 15.8 W total power
  • operating temperature: 0oC to 55oC (32oF to 131oF)
  • FCC Class A
  • CE Class A
  • RoHS-compliant


Order RAD EV 1G 2C6*

NOTE* RADACCPAK01*. Sold Separately. Accessory kit for Radient eV-CXP. Includes two (2) aux. I/O cable adaptors, each with two (2) DBHD-15 male connectors.

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