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Matrox Frame Grabber

Product Family

Radient eV-CL

PC Slot/Bus

PCIe® 2.0 x8


Camera Link

Salient Features

RAD EV 1G CLDF  Matrox Radient eV-CL dual-Medium/Full Camera Link® PCIe® 2.0 x8 frame grabber with 1GB DDR SDRAM and HDR26 (mini CL) connectors.  Includes cable adaptor (aux. I/O). * Ask for Availability.

The Matrox Radient eV-CL is a Camera Link frame grabber with the most comprehensive features currently available in the industry. Built upon the cameraLink-logofield-proven design of the Radient eV–series of frame grabbers, the new Matrox Radient eV-CL offers reliable image acquisition, extended cable length support, and high frame rate image capture that will extend the effectiveness of the Camera Link standard for many years to come.

Matrox Radient eV-CL Benefits

  • Support the most high-performance Camera Link cameras with available support for Full and 80-bit mode at up to 85 MHz.
  • Perform deterministic image acquisition by way of the jitter-free Camera Link 2.0 interface.
  • Eliminate missed frames through a PCIe® 2.0 x8 host interface and ample on-board buffering.
  • Optimize multi-camera applications via support for up to four (4) Base or two (2) Full/80-bit Camera Link cameras per board.
  • Minimize space requirements and maximize PC compatibility through a half-length design with mini Camera Link connectivity for true single slot operation.
  • Improve and simplify system connectivity with Power over Camera Link (PoCL) support at extended cable lengths.
  • Maintain flexibility and choice by way of 32-bit and 64-bit Windows® 7/8, and 10 and Linux®, and RTX641 (RTOS) support.



Versatile high-performanceLifecycle ManagedField-provenDimensionsOrder RAD EV 1G CLDF

Versatile high-performance image acquisition

The Matrox Radient eV-CL is capable of handling image capture from a single lowestdata-rate Camera Link device to multiple maximum-bandwidth Camera Link cameras. With the possibility of interfacing up to four (4) Base or two (2) Full/80-bit mode Camera Link cameras at up to 85 MHz on a single board with Power over Camera Link (PoCL) support, the Matrox Radient eV-CL provides users with the flexibility to configure the system to best match their imaging needs while simplifying overall setup.

A PCIe 2.0 x8 host interface provides the throughput necessary to ensure the continuous flow of pixels from the Matrox Radient eV-CL to host memory. With a peak bandwidth of up to 4GB/s, the Matrox Radient eV-CL’s host interface prevents pixels from inadvertently being discarded. Furthermore, via a programmable option, the Matrox Radient eV-CL is capable of handling applications where image capture rates exceed the tens of thousands of frames per seconds, all without host intervention. The Matrox Radient eV-CL is also designed to work at extended cable lengths. The feature allows cameras to be placed at distances previously not possible from the computer while maintaining the same maximum throughput.


Lifecycle managed for consistent long term supply

Each component on the Matrox Radient eV-CL has been carefully selected to ensure product availability in excess of five years. The Matrox Radient eV-CL is also subject to strict change control to provide consistent supply. Longevity of stable supply lets you achieve maximum return on the original investment by minimizing the costs associated with the repeated validation of constantly changing products.

Field-proven application development software

The Matrox Radient eV-CL is supported by the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL), a comprehensive collection of software tools for developing industrial imaging applications. MIL features interactive software and programming functions for image capture, processing, analysis, annotation, display and archiving. These tools are designed to enhance productivity, thereby reducing the time and effort required to bring your solution to market. Refer to the MIL datasheet for more information


Dimensions and environmental information

  • 167.6 mm L x 111.1 mm x 18.7 mm (6.6” x 4.38” x 0.74”)
  • operating temperature: 0o C to 55o C (32o F to 131o F)
  • FCC class A
  • CE class A
  • RoHS-compliant


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