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Standard Frame Grabbers

Uniforce offers a variety of excellent frame grabbers by the leading manufacturers in the industry.



Frame Grabber Interfaces


Axion-CL, Aon-CXP, Neon-Dif, R3-CL, Neon-CLD, Neon-CLB, Cyton-CXP,

Camera Link, CoaXPress, Differential, Camera Link PoCL,


PIXCI® EB1mini, Camera Link for PCI Express, Camera Link for Embedded PCI Express Buses, Camera Link for PCI,

Camera Link, PCIe/104,

KAYA Instruments

Predator II, CoaXPress, Komodo,

CoaXPress, QSFP, SFP,


Rapixo CL PRO, Radient eV-CL, Concord, Clarity UHD, Solios: ev_CL, Morphis QxT,

Camera Link, IEEE 1394, Analog, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI, SDI,

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