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Fusion Flex Eye Series Cameras

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Custom-built multispectral cameras (visible and near-infrared light) with two or three sensors.

Multispectral cameras customized to your application requirements.
JAI’s innovative Flex-Eye technology lets you design the perfect multispectral camera to meet the needs of your imaging system. Flex-Eye combines JAI´s Fusion Series of prism-based multispectral area scan cameras with a custom design process where you specify the number of wavebands, the sensor resolution, and the ideal spectral range for each channel in your multispectral camera.

Configurator screen

How it works
An easy-to use online configurator provides a simple step-by-step process. With a few clicks or taps, you select the number of sensors, the resolution, and whether Bayer or monochrome sensors are to be used in the visible spectrum. Then an intuitive GUI lets you drag and place your wavebands on a spectral chart at the widths and locations needed to maximize the effectiveness of your applications.

Wavebands can be as narrow as 25 nm and can be situated exactly where you need them — anywhere within the visible and NIR spectral ranges from 405 to 1000 nm. Once your configuration has been submitted, JAI will meet with you to discuss the details and to find out if there are any other special requirements.

A high performance solution
Sony Pregius CMOS sensors provide outstanding image quality and fast frame rates. for your personalized multispectral solution. Your Fusion Series Flex-Eye camera can be equipped with IMX273 sensors, providing 1.6 megapixels per waveband, or IMX252 sensors offering 3.2 megapixels per waveband. You can specify up to three separate wavebands at full resolution or use a Bayer sensor in the visible region for interpolation or to extract additional spectral information during post processing. Note that spectral data from a Bayer sensor is defined by the Bayer filter pattern and is not user-configurable.

JAI’s advanced prism technology ensures that all wavebands are captured simultaneously and are precisely aligned to the same optical path, thereby eliminating registration issues or performance degradation due to real-time alignment algorithms. High-speed 10 GigE interfaces use multi-stream technology to allow each waveband to be analyzed separately, or to be combined or overlaid on other wavebands depending on the application. The 10 GigE interface is equipped with auto-negotiation technology that automatically adjusts to slower speeds if necessitated by the network.

Support for hundreds of applications and configurations
The versatility of the Flex-Eye solution creates hundreds of different possibilities for a wide range of multispectral imaging applications such as those shown below. You define the exact spectral configuration that will give your vision system the capabilities and the competitive edge that you are looking for.


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