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HD2K-C-View Camera

FPGA programmable CXP2 camera for High Speed Machine Vision




  • Faster Sensors, 2k FPS
  • FPGA is up to 100 times faster than a PC
  • Lower System Cost
  • Lower System Complexity

The HD2k enables on-camera processing of the images to enable real time image processing. The on-board FPGA has more computing capability than a high-end PC. The FPGA has over 1,700 DSP Slices that operate at 200+MHz. This is equivalent to 100 CPU cores oparating at 3.4GHz.

Sensor: LUX19HS sensor capable of 2K FPS with 10-bit pixel resoution.

Network Interace: The network interface is either 4x CXP12 or 10GigeVision.

Memory: 2 GB of DRAM available to user-logic through a standard AXI port.


Resolution 2 Mpix
Active Pixel 1920 x 1080px
Interface CoaXPress @4 x 6.25 Gbit/s
Frame rate (8bit) 2000 fps
Sensor LUX19HS
Sensor Type CMOS global shutter
Sensor Format 4/3″
Active Sensor Area (HxV) 17.50 x 11.80 mm
Pixel Size 10x 10 µm
Sensitivity (Mono) 20V / lux’s @550 nm
Pixel Data Width 10/8 bit
Dynamic Range 60 dB
Shutter Time ( steps) 1µs
Shutter Time ( Range) 2μs -Is
Max. Trigger Frequency 300kHz
Max. Jitter via CXP Trigger +/-4ns
Mount Options C mount / F mount
Dimension  WxHxL w/o mount 80 x 80 x 53 mm
Weight (C mount) 450g
Power Consumption 11W
Power Supply 12 – 24 VDC
Camera Body Temperature +5°C to 50° C
Shock/ vibration proof 70g / 7 grms
Conformity GenIcam / CE /RoHS
Frame Rates
1920×1080 px resolution 2000 fps
1280×864 px resolution 2100 fps
1024 x 768 px  resolution 2500 fps
640×480 px resolution 2800 fps
128x128px resolution 4500 fps

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