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High Performance Imaging Systems



Packaging and Inspection Turn Key System




System can Recognize, Categorize, Pass/Reject & Log:

  • Product shape or size anomaly
  • Product color or ripeness anomaly
  • Product count or discrepancy
  • Product container fill anomaly
  • Package seal anomaly
  • Package/container cover missing/incorrectly placed
  • Empty package or incorrect product
  • Misplaced/missing label
  • Incorrect label
  • Bar code read/verify
  • Text read/verify
  • Production/lot number, date verificationPAC EYE LOGO -COLOR
  • Total products passed and failed per SKU
  • Saved images of anomalies
  • ...Countless more!

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KAYA Imaging System

CoaXPress™ over Fiber acquisition system – Capture and Record




  • IOI 2KSDI Camera
  • 2 x KAYA CoaXPress Range Extenders
  • Rugged IOI DVR Core Recorder
  • Custom length Fiber and CXP Cables
  • Power Sources

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KAYA Komodo FXP Acquisition System

CoaXPress™ over Fiber acquisition system




  • KAYA Komodo CoaXPress Frame Grabber
  • KAYA CoaXPress Range Extender
  • IOI 2KSDI Camera
  • Custom length Fiber and CXP Cables
  • Power Source

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CameraLink™ over Fiber acquisition system


  • Solves distance limitation of Camera Link
  • Extention for distances up to 40km in single-mode and up to 400m in multi-mode
  • Plug and Play, no need to configure
  • Up to 2 Camera Link Full support
  • Each Camera Link Full over single fiber cable
  • PCIe Gen3 x8 Half-length card
  • Up to 144 Gb image buffer
  • Camera controls and triggers
  • Per-link LED indication on card bracket
  • Flexible machine I/O
  • Camera Link 2.0 compliant
  • Power over Camera Link support
  • Multiple Camera synchronization
  • Multiple Frame Grabbers synchronization
  • And More

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