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Imperx Cheetah USB3Vision Cameras

High Speed & Resolution CMOS Cameras

CHEETAH is the first IMPERX high performance CMOS product line intended not only for machine vision, but also surveillance, reconnaissance, aerospace and intelligent traffic systems. These cameras have very fast frame rates, high resolution, low noise, wide dynamic range, excellent near-infrared sensitivity, and an extremely flexible architecture so one camera can do multiple jobs (for example, a low resolution video camera and a high resolution still camera). Cheetah cameras incorporate ‘smart’ wide dynamic range technology which monitors each pixel’s exposure and sets the exposure to one of three user selectable values based on the intensity of the source at the pixel. CMOS technology eliminates smear columns from areas of ultra-bright intensity and specular reflections in uncontrolled lighting applications.

usb3visionCheetah offers the ultimate in user flexibility with global or rolling shutter modes, selectable 8, 10 or 12-bit digitization, multiple decimation or pixel averaging modes, two configurable inputs, two configurable outputs, and Camera Link® Full (CLF) or USB3Vision (U3V) user interfaces. The configuration capabilities are endless utilizing our easy camera configuration tool with programmability for each input and output. Triggering options include rising or falling edge, de-bounce, internal, computer or external trigger. Output options include trigger mirror, pulse generator or strobe. Cheetah offers internal pre-image processing including auto-white balance, hot pixel correction, defective pixel correction and a look up table (dynamic transfer function correction) for gamma and knee-point corrections. Output options include image positive or image negative, horizontal or vertical image mirror or bit shift.

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  • Global or rolling global shutter
  • Large 4.7-micron pixels
  • Excellent near infrared (NIR) sensitivity
  • Ultra-low fixed pattern noise
  • Exceptional blooming suppression
  • Fast Frame rates
  • Extended Dynamic Range (XDR)
    • 2 programmable knee points, piece-wise linear
  • Dual Video Capability
    • Independent resolution, gain, offset, pixel averaging, decimation, ROI and XDR
    • Seamless switching between frames
    • Manual, auto or triggered frame switching
  • Color and monochrome pixel averaging
  • Auto-white balance
  • Image decimation
  • Image Enhancements
    • Threshold
    • Contrast enhancements
    • Knee-point corrections
    • Horizontal and vertical flip
    • Negative image
    • Negative image
  • One 12-bit look-up table
  • Three selectable trigger modes
  • Defective pixel correction, hot pixel correction and flat field correction



Imperx Cheetah Capabilities

Some examples of the capabilities of the Cheetah CMOS camera line:

  • Set one frame to average color pixels 4:1 reducing a 3840 x 2160 area of interest down to 1080P at 30 fps, then capture full resolution frames upon trigger signal providing a low resolution video stream for contextual info and high resolution frames for analytics.
  • Set one frame to high sensitivity rolling shutter mode and one to wide dynamic range global then toggle between the frames and combine them in your software for the ultimate low noise wide dynamic range imagery.
  • Set up one frame as a low resolution video stream over the complete field of view, and define a smaller area of interest at full resolution in the second frame to easily track an object of interest.

The possibilities are endless. Bring us your requirements and we’ll help you craft a solution.


The C5180 incorporates a number of unique features tailored to reduce system complexity, maximize interface bandwidth, and expand the usable operational range.

  • Aerospace
  • Satellites
  • Surveillance
  • Military and Non-Military Ground Vehicles
  • Ball Grid Array
  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Inspection
  • Motion Analysis
  • Broadcast Television
  • Telepresence
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Machine Vision
  • Reconnaissance
  • Aerospace
  • Intelligent Traffic Systems
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Open Road Tolling Systems
  • Situational Awareness


Imperx Cheetah Downloads

Cheetah C5180, 25MP

Cheetah C4181, 16MP

Cheetah C4180, 12MP

Cheetah C4080, 12MP

Cheetah C2880, 6MP


Imperx Cheetah USB3Vision Camera Models

USB3 Vision

Model Part Number Sensor Mount MP Resolution Interface Sensor Type FPS Datasheet
C5180 U3V-C5180C- OF000 OnSemi Python 25k F 25MP 5120 x 5120 USB3 Color 15 PDF


U3V-C5180M- OF000 OnSemi Python 25k F 25MP 5120 x 5120 USB3 Mono 15
U3V-C5180N-OF000 OnSemi Python 25k F 25MP 5120 x 5120 USB3 Mono w/NIR 15
C4181 U3V-C4181C-OF000 OnSemi Python 16k F 16MP 4096 x 4096 USB3 Color 23 PDF


U3V-C4181M-OF000 OnSemi Python 16k F 16MP 4096 x 4096 USB3 Mono 23
U3V-C4181N-OF000 OnSemi Python 16k F 16MP 4096 x 4096 USB3 Mono w/NIR 23
C4180 U3V-C4180C-OF000 OnSemi Python 12k F 12MP 4096 x 3072 USB3 Color 31 PDF


U3V-C4180M-OF000 OnSemi Python 12k F 12MP 4096 x 3072 USB3 Mono 31
U3V-C4180N-OF000 OnSemi Python 12k F 12MP 4096 x 3072 USB3 Mono w/NIR 31
C4080 U3V-C4080C-OF000 OnSemi KAC-12040 F 12MP 4000 x 3000 USB3 Color 31 PDF
U3V-C4080M-OF000 OnSemi KAC-12040 F 12MP 4000 x 3000 USB3 Mono 31
C2880 U3V-C2880C-FC000 OnSemi KAC-06040 C 6MP 2832 x 2128 USB3 Color 62 PDF
U3V-C2880M-FC000 OnSemi KAC-06040 C 6MP 2832 x 2128 USB3 Mono 62

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