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IMPERX offers new Cheetah CMOS Sensor Cameras

Published: October 27, 2016

Up to 25 MegaPixel, available in Camera Link Full or USB3Vision



Cheetah offers the ultimate in user flexibility with global or rolling shutter modes, selectable 8, 10 or 12-bit digitization, multiple decimation or pixel averaging modes, two configurable inputs, two configurable outputs, and Camera LinkĀ® Full (CLF) or USB3Vision (U3V) user interfaces. The configuration capabilities are endless utilizing our easy camera configuration tool with programmability for each input and output. Triggering options include rising or falling edge, de-bounce, internal, computer or external trigger. Output options include trigger mirror, pulse generator or strobe. Cheetah offers internal pre-image processing including auto-white balance, hot pixel correction, defective pixel correction and a look up table (dynamic transfer function correction) for gamma and knee-point corrections. Output options include image positive or image negative, horizontal or vertical image mirror or bit shift.




  • Global or rolling global shutter
  • Large 4.7-micron pixels
  • Excellent near infrared (NIR) sensitivity
  • Ultra-low fixed pattern noise
  • Exceptional blooming suppression
  • Fast Frame rates
  • Extended Dynamic Range (XDR)
    • 2 programmable knee points, piece-wise linear
  • Dual Video Capability
    • Independent resolution, gain, offset, pixel averaging, decimation, ROI and XDR
    • Seamless switching between frames
    • Manual, auto or triggered frame switching
  • Color and monochrome pixel averaging
  • Auto-white balance
  • Image decimation
  • Image Enhancements
    • Threshold
    • Contrast enhancements
    • Knee-point corrections
    • Horizontal and vertical flip
    • Negative image
    • Negative image
  • One 12-bit look-up table
  • Three selectable trigger modes
  • Defective pixel correction, hot pixel correction and flat field correction

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