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IO Industries 8KSDI POV Camera

Published: January 14, 2021

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Announcing the new 8KSDI camera, adding to its lineup of compact, POV video cameras featuring superb image quality at affordable prices. As its name implies, the camera combines 8K (and UHDTV2) capture with live SDI output. It’s designed for use in professional live broadcast and video production environments. Other applications include virtual reality content creation, visual effects, remote monitoring and wide-area surveillance.

The 8KSDI is a compact, single-piece miniature video camera designed for low latency connection over 12G/6G-SDI to other infrastructure such as video recorders, monitors, or distribution equipment.
Cameras are available today with two choices for the factory-installed lens mount, either F-mount or Active EF-Mount. The F-mount is a passive, mechanical-only mount requiring manually-adjustable F-mount lenses. The Active EF-mount electronically controls any attached EF-mount lenses, providing remote control over iris and focus.


Features  8KSDI camera:

  • 8K global shutter sensor, Super 35 format (26.2 x 13.8mm, 29.6mm diagonal)
  • 12G / 6G-SDI Low-Latency Output
  • DCI 8K and UHDTV2 formats, or scaled DCI 4K and UHD formats
  • Standard frame rate (23.98-60.00) 10-bit 4:2:2 output
  • Multiple lens mount options (Nikon F, Canon EF)
  • Compact One-Piece Rugged Design
  • Remote control via handheld remote and on-screen menu or via 3rd party remote control panels
  • Tri-level sync input for multi-camera synchronization
  • 62.0 mm x 62.0 mm x 154.7 mm (WxHxD), 715g (with F-mount, no lens)





  • Sports and Event Broadcasting
  • Virtual Reality and Visual Effects
  • Specialty Video Production
  • Wide Area Surveillance


Camera Model



ON Semiconductor XGS45000

Output Modes

8K, UHDTV2, 4K, UHD, up to 60 fps

Optical Format

Super 35 (8K/4K: 29.6mm diagonal; UHDTV2/UHD: 28.2mm diagonal)

Sensor Type

CMOS w. global electronic shutter

Sensor Options

Color (Bayer) or Monochrome

Dynamic Range

67.5 dB

Output Interface

Quad-Link 12G/6G-SDI, Single-Link 12G/6G-SDI (HD-BNC connectors)

Output Format

10-bit 4:2:2 (Y’Cb’Cr’) or RAW (Bayer)

Exposure Control

Automatic (adjusts exposure, gain and/or iris if available) or manual exposure

Image Enhancement

Gamma (1D LUTs), master pedestal control, denoise filter, detail enhancement filter

Color Control

Auto white balance or calibrated presets, color correction matrix, RGB offsets, saturation control


Tri-level sync input

Camera Configuration

RS-485; use handheld remote for OSD, USB adapter for PC software or direct ASCII protocol



62.0 mm x 62.0 mm x 154.7 mm (WxHxD, with F-mount)

Lens Mount

F-mount or Active Canon EF-mount

Camera Mounting Points

Top/Bottom: 1/4″-20; All sides: 2x M4 x 0.7


715 g (with F-mount, no lens)

Power Requirements

Approx. 14W @ 12V DC

Operating Temperature

10°C to 50°C, 20-85% humidity (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature

40°C to 85°C, 10-90% humidity (non-condensing)


F Mount

EF Mount

AC Power Adapter Sold Separately   part number: VICPWRLIO


  • AC Power Adapter (Universal) w. LEMO for RS485
  • Handheld remote control w. RS485 interface, for camera control from on-screen display
  • USB to RS485 adapter cable, 2m, for camera control from PC software
  • RS485 extension cable (LEMO to LEMO), 3m
  • Lens Adapter (Active), EF-Mount, for Redwood and 8KSDI models
  • Lens Adapter, F-Mount


Order 8KSDI

8KSDI-F Color Camera w. OLPF/IR-Cut filter, F Mount
8KSDI-A Color Camera w. OLPF/IR-Cut filter, Active EF Mount
8KSDI-A Monochrome camera, F Mount

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