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KAYA Instruments

CoaXPress & Fiber Imaging SolutionsKaya_Komodo_FG

KAYA Instruments offers a variety of high performance CoaXPress products for your imaging needs.  KAYA offers CoaXPress Frame Grabbers, Adapters, FPGA boards, Mezzanine cards, FMC loop back test boards, and Extenders.

About KAYA Instruments

KAYA Instruments is a privately held global company which was founded in 2008.  It serves a global audience in the machine vision market with proprietary hardware, firmware and software. It is a leading provider of CoaXPress-related high-tech, highly-engineered products.  The company designs and manufactures internally to ensure the highest quality, in line with clients’ highly specific needs.  Many of KAYA Instruments’ systems are field-customizable, making them continuously compatible with clients’ changing needs.  The company’s engineers and producers, who have dozens of years of experience, are supported by comparably talented technical support staff and unparalleled documentation

 KAYA Instruments

CoaXPress & CL Frame Grabbers

Komodo and Predator Models



Universal configurations, High reliability, Custom and Modified options

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Komodo FXCL


Komodo FXCL system  The system uses fiber optic cables to provide high resolution image acquisition interface for distances up to 40km in single-mode and up to 300m in multi-mode, while each Camera Link Full interface translated to single fiber cable.

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Komodo FXP Acquisition System

Kaya CXP Frame Grabber_ KY-FXP

The Komodo FXP system is capable of receiving video streams from up to 4 CoaXPress links in single, dual or quad modes. It is used for simultaneous capture from up to four cameras.

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KAYA IOI Fiber Recording System

Kaya System pic

The system utilizes KAYA Instruments’ CoaXPress Range Extender over Fiber to provide a high resolution stream interface for distances of up to 10km in single-mode and up to 400m in multi-mode.

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FMC Mezzanine Cards for CoaXPress™

KAYA_fmc-cxp_Mezzanine card pic

The FMC-CXP is the industry’s first FPGA Mezzanine Card (VITA 57.1) providing a high performance CoaXPress compliant connection.
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CoaXPress Range Extenders

Available both in Fiber and standard coax configuration
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CoaXPress Camera Simulator

Chameleon CoaXPress Camera Simulator

Industry’s first Camera Simulator supporting CoaXPress standard – Capable of generating video streams and test patterns of up to 4 CoaXPress links in single, dual and quad modes

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JetCam and Iron Cameras

High Speed Camera


Our JetCam and Iron cameras families are high-speed high-end global shutter CMOS cameras designed to fit very small places and complex environmental conditions.

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Kaya Cables

Fiber and CoaXPress Cables

Using only quality cables and connectors from reliable sources, KAYA Instruments can support low volume for your prototypes or full production quantities.
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