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Kowa LLM50-IR-P Lens

Kowa Lens

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Large Format NIR

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50 mm

Salient Features

Kowa is proud to introduce its large format, IR corrected lens with broadband coating and low distortion. The LM50-IR maintains its superior performance from visible to near infrared wavelengths (NIR) without any focus shift. The LM50-IR is available in F-mount or P-mount (M42x1.0). In addition, Kowa now offers the LM50-IR-P lens which provides all of the same outstanding capabilities as the LM50-IR, but now provides M42-mount capabilities.   *Custom Lens – Made to Order*


Focal Length (mm) 50
Lens Type Fixed
Image Size (mm) 4/3 ” (18.4 x 13 x 8.23mm)
Iris Range (F-stop) F1.9 ~ F16
Focusing Range (m) 0.5 m
Iris Control Manual
Focus Control Manual
Mount P-mount
Filter Thread Size (mm) M52 x P0.75
TV Distortion (%) at ?43.3 -0.54
TV Distortion (%) at ?22.5 (1.2″ Format) -0.18
TV Distortion (%) at ?16 (1″ Format) -0.12
Back Focal Length in Air (mm) 34.6
Mechanical Back Focal Length in Air (mm) 34.1
Flange Back (F-mount) 46.5mm
Flange Back (P-mount, M42x1) 45.5mm
IR Corrected Design 400-1000nm
Size (mm) ?58.5 x 105.2
Weight (g) 600
Temperature Range (°C) -10 ~ +45

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