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Kowa LMVZ655A Lens

Kowa Lens

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Sensor Size

1/2" (Φ8)

Lens Type


Focal Length

6.5 - 52mm (8x)

Salient Features

Varifocal High Resolution Lens

The LMVZ655A is a varifocal auto-iris lens that utilizes Kowa’s 3-CAM design, which solves de-centering issues common in pole system lenses and reduces internal reflection.


  • High Resolution
    Creates crisp, clear images even at long distances
  • Auto-Iris (DC)
    Automatically adjusts lens to varying lighting conditions
  • For Cameras Up to 2MP Resolution
Focal Length (mm) 6.5-52 (8x)
Lens Type Varifocal
Image Size (mm) 1/2″ (Φ8)
Iris Range (F-stop) F1.8 – 360
Iris Control DC
Zoom Control Manual
Focus Control Manual
Shooting Range at M.O.D. (mm) 0.2
Horizontal Angle of View (°) W 55.0° / T7.2°
Vertical Angle of View (°) W 41.2° / T 5.4°
Diagonal Angle of View (°) W 68.6° / T 8.9°
Horizontal Shooting Range at M.O.D. (mm) W 234 / T 142
Vertical Shooting Range at M.O.D. (mm) W 169 / T 106
Diagonal Shooting Range at M.O.D (mm) W 308 / T 179
TV Distortion (%) W -4 / T 0.1
Mount C-mount
Filter Thread Size (mm) M43 x 0.75
Back Focal Length in Air (mm) W 10.16 / T 13.124
Flange Back in Air (mm) 17.526
Front/Rear Effective DIA (mm) Φ39.0, Φ11.2
Exit Pupil (mm) W -63.8 / T -47.3
Size (mm) 46 x 51 x 73.6
Weight (g) 163
Temperature Range (°C) -10° ~ +45°


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