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Kowa LM16XC Lens

Kowa Lens

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4/3" XC

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4.3″ XC Series

The 4/3″ megapixel XC lens series provides a large image format of Φ23mm(C-mount). These high precision aspherical lenses greatly reduce distortion and produces a high definition picture. XC lenses maintain megapixel resolution thoughout the entire image even if the iris is fully open. In addition, Kowa’s wide-band multi-coating effectively reduces glare and refraction.


  • Floating Mechanism Design
    Kowa’s floating mechanism design virtually eliminates optical abberations from close distance to infinity

Focal Length 16mm
Focal Length Sort Order 016
Lens Type Fixed Focal Length
Image Size 4/3″ (18.4 x 13.8 x 23mm)
Iris Range (F-Stop) F2.0 – 22
Angle of View 2/3″ (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 30.9 x 23.3 x 38.2°
Angle of View 1″ (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 44.0 x 33.6 x 53.7°
Angle of View 4/3″ (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 60.6 x 47.2 x 72.0°
TV Distortion 0.02%
Minimum Object Focus Distance (2/3″) (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 64.0 x 48.0 x 80.2mm
Minimum Object Focus Distance (1″) (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 93.5 x 69.9 x 117.1mm
Minimum Object Focus Distance (4/3″) (Hor. x Ver. x Dia.) 134.6 x 100.8 x 167.6mm
Focusing Range 0.1m
Flange Back 17.526mm in air
Back Focus 13.0mm in air
Filter Thread Size M40.5×0.5
Front/Rear Effective Diameter Front Φ31.2mm / Rear Φ16.5mm
Mount C-mount
Exit Pupil Location -38.0mm
Temperature Range -10°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature Range -20°C ~ +60°C
Resolution: Center/Corner Center 160lp/mm / Corner 80lp/mm
Weight 250g

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